How to Keep Your Lungs, Eyes and Skin,Safe in Growing Air Pollution

February 5, 2019

Low temperature and fog together form a layer of pollution in the atmosphere like a blanket. On this the dust collects. Wind and dust particles from the surface make pressure on the surface of the pollution, but the surface does not get razed and the back rotates in the atmosphere and increase pollution. It is very important to take care of yourself and your family to keep yourself healthy. The following measures should be used to avoid the bad effects of pollution.

  1. Air purifier plants

According to a study, plants like Weaving Fig, Peace Lily, Flamingo Flower, Asparagus Fern and Devil’s Ivy clean the air. To clean the air in the house, the plant should be planted at a distance of ten square meters.

  2. Steam is very important

Put 5-10 drops or peppermint of eucalyptus oil in lukewarm water and steam it. Take this procedure twice a day for five minutes a day.

  3. Use mask daily

Whenever you come out of the house, wear a mask. The mask is such that there is good dust filter and there is no problem in breathing.

  4. Eye care in pollution

Due to air pollution, there are problems in the eyes like dryness, redness etc. To save eyes from air pollution, sunglasses on your eyes while leaving the house. Do not clean with dirty hands when you are rubbing on your eyes. Always clean eyes with clean and soft clothes. Whenever you come back home from work then kill the cold water splash on your eyes. Pour pure rose water in the eyes before sleeping at night, it frustrates the eyes and sleep well.

  5. When there is indoor pollution

Keep your doors and windows closed to reduce the speed of smoke penetration. If you see that the area around you is free of smoke, then open the windows and take the opportunity to improve the quality of air inside the house. You can put a window’s mesh screen.

  6. Eat homemade hot food

Eat hot homemade food instead of eating in the restaurant. Put turmeric, ginger and herb in it. Start pepper and basil in your daily tea. Add ginger, honey and lemon in some way.

  7. Avoid Exercising Outside

The more active the outside of the house, the more polluted air will take. So avoid exercising and traveling outside. The benefits of exercise will be much less damage than less contaminated air.

  8. Eat ghee daily

In the morning or during sleep, two drops of ghee use in your nose. which will not harm the harmful elements in your lungs. The elements like lead and mercury do not accumulate in your liver and kidneys.

  9. Drink more Luke warm water

To avoid side effects of pollution, drink clean and fresh Luke warm water. Boil water purify your digestive system. You can also drink green tea and hot lemon juice.

  10. Keep this in mind too

If you have symptoms like irritation, redness, itching, colds, cough, throat swelling, and breathing in the eyes, then go to the doctor immediately.

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