How to Get More Bling from your Rings

October 16, 2018

Even the most fashionable of fashionistas get a little stumped when it comes to getting the most out of wearing more than one ring on each hand. Like with all accessory fashion, there are a few guidelines that will put you in the know.   Stacking rings with style can transform a simple outfit and make it look expensive. Be warned, jumbo jewels on every finger is a sure way to become a “fashion don’t”.


Jewelry designer, Lisa Krikawa, suggests, “When you understand what the designer had in mind it is easier to know when and how to wear various rings. Rings are often put into categories by the jewelry industry’s names, so it helps to learn some of the most popular. It will make it easier for you to wear more than one on each hand comfortably.”

Midi Ring: The name for rings that sit above the lower knuckle. Midi rings aren’t comfortable for everyone, but they definitely add style. They are thin enough to wear more than one and if you like a unique and delicate look, consider wearing one on each of the four fingers in a row.

Statement Ring: Just as it sounds, a statement ring is meant to make a fashion statement. They are eye-catching either because of their size, dramatic style or both.  They can be silver or gold, bejeweled or not. As long as it stands out, it is considered a statement ring. Lisa Krikawa adds, “They are fashion expressions and often worn by women who are confident enough to show off their own personal style.”

Cluster Ring: Multiple gemstones of various sizes grouped together in one large setting. A ring with a large center stone surrounded by accent rings is also considered a cluster ring. A cluster ring, in many cases, can also be considered a statement ring. It simply depends on its size and style.

Cocktail or Dress Ring: In the past, cocktail rings were worn alone and on the index or pinky finger. In today’s fashion world where most anything goes, they are often worn on the index finger of the right hand.  They are larger than normal so can be worn alone on any finger, but when worn on the index finger they look especially good stacked with a few thin bands on the ring finger.

Thin Stackable Bands: Not all bands are considered “thin bands”. In fact, thin bands are generally no wider than ¼” in width and often thinner. They are perfect for grouping together to create balance and symmetry with other rings types.

How to Rock the Multiple Ring Look

  • Stack Thin Bands with Statement Rings – Most women avoid stacking large statement rings with thin light bands. Yet, it can look amazing! When stacking two-to-four thin bands on the finger next to the jumbo dazzler, it will become balanced. The eye will be drawn to the beautiful grouping rather than to each individual ring. It’s a class-stack and can be done on both hands as long as both groupings create a visual balance.
  • Thumb Ring Stacking – This style can look chic when done correctly. A chunky thumb ring can look great when it is balanced with a few tiny, thin bands on at least two of the other fingers.
  • Midi Ring Stacking: For a chic, but minimal, look try stacking a few midi rings on three fingers of one hand. On the other hand, try a statement ring with a couple stackable bands to create balance.
  • Engagement and Wedding Rings – Most jewelry designers will tell you to avoid wearing other rings on the left hand that is adorned with an engagement or wedding ring. This is good advice with only one exception: If the engagement or wedding ring is non-traditional and worn on any finger besides the ring finger, additional rings can be added. However, only do this to complement or enhance the engagement or wedding ring.

Over time, you will learn which rings to wear together and which ones to wear alone. Mix and match until you get just the right look for different outfits. Always remember to keep your jewelry clean and polished. There is nothing sexy or fashionable about tarnished or scratched rings, so avoid using hair spray, lotions and perfumes before putting them on. Most importantly, enjoy your ring collection, especially those made with fine metals and gemstones.

By: Sandra Faleris, marketing specialist and writer

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