How to find the right size of hair curlier for you?

February 18, 2015

Hair is like a jewel that embraces women beauty. Hair curler is a tool to make certain cosmetic changes to make them look beautiful and appealing. However, with the availability of several tools on the market, often users feel confused about choosing the best one that actually serves the purpose without causing damage to hairs. In this respect, choosing the right-sized hair curlier is important. Hair curler is available in different sizes and in this respect how to find the right size of hair curlier for you is like a common doubt that every woman faces.

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Right Size of hair curlier for You

Different Barrel specifications

The size of a hair curlier is determined by the barrel specification. The hair style varies per person because not every person possesses a similar hair pattern. Hence, one can apply best hair curlers in order to make them look different as well as attractive among the crowd. This is why, barrel irons are available in different specifications.

  • 1 1/2” barrel

It is quite useful for curling hairs with great volume. However, one should prepare hairs accordingly before applying the iron. One should apply light spray all over and eventually roll curls. Thereafter, the heated iron is applied, and the entire hair is fixed with clips for around 10 minutes. This is how one can get the curls they have ever wanted.

  • 1” barrel

This is considered to be the most incredible one. It is suitable for short to medium-length  hairs. The iron is applied after applying setting spray all over hair. It is known for producing the best curls on short hairs.

  • ¾” barrel

This is one of the most popular specifications in practice for producing spring shaped curls. The pattern is vintage inspired. The process involves applying spray over hairs and eventually placing iron and allowing it to cool for few minutes.

  • 5/8” barrel

This is suitable for individuals who have curly hair naturally but not in proper order and fashion. The barrel is said to bring the odd arrangement into proper shape and style so as to enhance the hidden beauty.

  • 3/8” barrel

The specification is best suited to unwind already curled hair. It is something for people who have natural curls and want to straighten some part of it for getting the right appearance.

The Takeaway

Hair curlers are beauty tools meant for embracing women beauty. Getting proper hair style is like a trend and a demand of modern society and workplace. It is all about looking ordered and presentable before others. Curly hair is like a fashion trend. However, it is not meant for people who already have curly hairs right from birth. Women consider getting the right hair style as a part of making them complete in all respects. Hence in this respect, the hair curlers serve the purpose towards getting the desired hair pattern as demanded by users. However, choosing the right size of the hair curler is important for obtaining desired results. This article will make you understand how to find the right size of hair curlier for you.

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