How to Dress Your New, Slimmer Body

May 1, 2013

If you have recently lost weight, you should feel very proud of your accomplishment. Losing weight is not easy and takes a lot of dedication and willpower. That is why you should show off your slimmer body by wearing the right clothes. Do not be afraid to let others see how great you look. Here are some helpful tips on how you can dress your slimmer body.

How to Dress Your New Slimmer BodyGet Your Clothes Tailored

If you can’t seem to part with those pants you wore when you were heavier, you should at least get them tailored. If you just keep wearing them the way they are, they will only make you look heavier. Go to a professional tailor and have those jeans altered.

Emphasize One Body Part

Think about one body party you have worked very hard to improve and emphasize it. For example, if you have really toned your legs, consider wearing a mini-skirt. If you have built up the muscles in your arms, you should wear sleeveless top and dress. Do not be afraid to show off your progress.

Buy New Undergarments

Do not forget to buy new bras and underwear. If you lost weight, you likely lost fat from your chest and buttocks. When you buy new undergarments that actually fit your new body, you will feel a lot better about yourself.

Be Realistic About Your Body Type

Even if you lost a lot of weight, you still might not have the right body shape to pull off very short shorts or a crop trop. It is important to be realistic about your body type so that you choose clothes that are flattering. Do not follow trends. Only buy clothes that will make your body look good. For example, if you are an apple shape and carry most of your weight in your tummy, you probably want to avoid wearing very tight shirts. Consider wearing a top with an empire waist; this kind of top will help hide a bigger tummy.

If you follow these helpful tips after major weight loss, your body will look great in your new clothes. Head over to your local shopping mall and start shopping for different clothes. Consider bringing a friend along so that she can help you pick out the most flattering items. When you wear your brand new clothes in public, everyone will be looking at you and telling you how great you look.

Author Bio: Annette Hazard is a freelance blogger that writes about health, beauty, and family. Currently she is promoting the most popular meal replacement shakes.

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