How to do Hair Spa at home in very simple steps

January 8, 2019

Hair defines your beauty. Today we will discuss a very simple method of hair spa at home in simple steps. You can get very soft, silky and smooth hair at home. Hair spa is very good for our hairs. This method is very natural and very safe and also does not very costly. We use only simple ingredients of kitchen in this hair spa.

Hair spa is a type of method for get new hair. Every girl want healthy and shiny hair for increase her beauty. Thus, switching to hair spa is the beautiful treatment for giving a birth to your dead hairs. There are numerous advantages of hair spa. Hair spa is the perfect secret about the healthy hair. Hair spa is a kind of treatment that nourishes your hair and removes all the deficiency that may adversely affect the quality of your hair.

Are you interested in seeking in seeking the attention of people? Your lustrous and healthy hair can do that .It reinforces your hair follicles and prevents them from hair fall.

For this beautiful and effective hair spa at home we need some ingredients:
 1. Olive oil or almond oil
 2. Some aloevera gel
 3. Pure honey
 4. Lemon
 5. Conditioner
 6. Glycerin
 7. Vitamin E capsouls
 8. Curd

Olive oil and almond oil give nourishment to hair and make healthy. You can use any aloevera gel you like. Lemon helps to reduce dandruff. Conditioner use for shine and smoothness. Honey is great for damage hair and also it’s great for nourishing your hair. It’s all natural ingredients

Now start , firstly take a clean container or bowl and take around 4 tablespoon olive oil, 4 table spoon aloe Vera gel and 1 tablespoon honey. Mix all the ingredients well and properly. If you have thicker and longer hair you can use more quantity and if you have short and thin hair then use low quantity of ingredients. Now your hair mask is ready. Before apply it just make your hair little wet and over your scalp or all over your head apply this mask very carefully. After this mask tie your hair with band and just place your regular shower cup over your head. Use your hair dryer just give steam of your hair. Give steam only for 5 minutes and after remove shower cup carefully. This work gives result exactly the same way as steam get in a big parlor machine. Now you wash your hair with your herbal shampoo and conditioner. It’s give you shiny, silky, and soft hair.

Always shampoo your hair before spa. Without shampoo spa can’t give good results in presence of dust. You can also use any protein pack (purchase from market) for hair spa.

Hair spa benefits
Hair spa always give good health to hair.
1. Hair spa improves the circulation of blood which acts as a major role in reducing stress.
2. It nourishes your hair with all the essential oil and makes your hair follicles strong.
3. This therapy may also give best results towards your dandruff treatment.
4. It improves the quality of your hair there by making your hair free from spilt ends.
5. Eradicates all the impurities from the pores that will reduce the problem of your hair fall.
6. Helpful in getting rid of from dandruff problem.
7. Cherish your mood and at the same time improve the thickness of your hair.

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