How To Choose The Best Scent That Represents Your Personality?

May 4, 2013

Fashionable women are well aware that perfumes can significantly enhance their beauty and personality. Choosing the perfect scent that defines your personality is not an easy thing to do. There are so many factors you need to consider. This article helps you find the best scent that suits your fashion style and personality.

How scent works?

To be able to understand how scent works, you should familiarize yourself with perfume languages. Top note and bottom note are the two primary terms used in perfume. The top note refers to the initial scent while the bottom note pertains to the lasting fragrance. With bottom note, you will not be able to smell the scent but other people will definitely notice the scent. These perfume terms are important in describing various scents such as citrusy, woody, musky, and floral.

How To Choose The Best Scent

How To Choose The Best Scent ?

Which scent is the best?

When deciding as to what scent to choose, you should depend on your instinct and personal preference. If you are still undecided, then you can ask second opinion from people who are good at perfume. When testing perfume, you should test it using your own body. Do not test the fragrance on your friend because every person has distinct body chemistry.

Each person has its own unique personality. If you are feminine, then floral scent can be a perfect choice. Most perfumes today have flowery scent, which leaves a cool and heavenly feeling. If you are sporty or adventurous type, then choose oriental fragrances.

Testing perfumes

Perfume testing is one of the activities you shouldn’t miss when buying perfumes. Select the fragrances you are interested in and test it using both your wrists. You can also dub some perfumes on your elbows. Check the smell and wait a few minutes until the top note scent wear off. Check the bottom note and from there you can actually check the exact fragrance of the perfume.

When testing perfumes, you shouldn’t spray the perfume near your nose and throat. Doing so will not help and in fact leads to further confusion.

How often will you use the perfume?

There are fragrances that are suitable to wear on a daily basis, but there are some that can be worn on special occasion. If you are going to use perfume on a daily basis, then choose the one with fresh scent. If you are going to wear perfume on special occasion like on romantic date, then choose perfumes with floral scent. Some women wear perfumes with a touch of musk. This will leave a romantic and sexy feeling.

Furthermore, there are perfumes that can be worn only at day while some can be worn only at night. Fresh scents are best worn at daytime while floral scents are best worn at nighttime. The types of scents you choose also depend on your nature of work. If you are working on a medical field, then choose mild scented perfumes because patients are highly sensitive with strong smell. If the nature of your work includes socializing with people or attending business and social events, then wear floral and musky scented perfumes. This will help you create a lasting impression.

How to save money when buying perfumes?

Designer’s perfumes are very expensive. Some people are willing to pay large sum of money just to avail brand new perfumes in the market. With today’s current economic state, everybody wants to spend their money wisely.  You don’t have to endure the price of expensive perfumes because you can easily purchase perfumes at a discounted price. Both online and offline perfume specialty stores offer brand new perfumes at a lesser price.

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