How to Choose Shoes for Flat Feet Runners?

July 8, 2018

Finding the right running sneakers for flat feet athletes involves finding the right shoe that provides comfort support. You can find these from a variety of brands, from Asics running shoes to other popular high quality name brands. What are some of the key elements to look for when purchasing running shoes?

Low Arches and Support

Runners who have flat feet often overpronate when running due to the foot arch landing on the ground completely when running. This causes the ankles to turn inwards. The knees attempt to overcompensate. The lack of a curve along the inside of the foot means that they are prone to injury. This causes a major issue for runners, who are expected to support the high impact sport. Running shoes for flat feet will typically have added support. This will help cushion the foot and protect it from injury.

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Shoes for Flat Feet Runners

Look at the technical specifications of the shoes that you purchase. Be sure that reviews mention the additional support. There are also other forms of technology designed to help athletes with a flat foot.

Stability and Motion Control

Running shoes that are designed to help overpronation are labeled “Stability” shoes. These shoes have what is called medial post of dual density foam. What is this? This is a harder foam compound on the medial side of the arch. Sometimes the additional foam will stretch the length of the foot, to the heel. You can actually see this extra protection when looking at the shoe. The gray foam is visible inside the midsole of the running shoes.

What is Motion Control? For athletes with severe cases of flat feet that are most prone to serious injury, Motion Control shoe technology addresses the extreme overpronation.


Like any running shoe, you want to find a sneaker that is the right weight for you. Stability and motion control shoes often have the reputation of being heavier shoes. However, thanks to newer materials and technology, it is possible to find a lightweight option perfect for running.

Choosing the Right Shoe

Whether selecting a neutral shoe, a stability sneaker, or one with motion montrol, you want to look at several important factors. Look for excellent cushioning and support. Be sure to purchase a tennis shoe that has positive reviews from other flat feet runners. If you have access to an athletic trainer, coach, or medical professional, discuss what brands they recommend.

Look for the type of foam material used. See if it is a Motion Control sneaker. Make sure that the manufacturer produces high quality footwear that provides durability, support, and comfort. You don’t want to purchase a show that shows wear and tear after only a month or so of heavy use. Look at the soles and materials. If possible, speak to a fellow runner that has used that brand for a longer period of time and check out the used shoes for deterioration, tears, and cracks.

Find the perfect sneaker that offers the right support for flat feet. Select a sneaker that has good support, stability, and motion control. Enjoy running in shear comfort and security.

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