How to Buy Footwear For Any Look

November 8, 2012

Men are strange animals when it comes to footwear. While women mastered the art of owning loads of shoes generations ago, it seems that the man are dragging behind somewhat.

The typical man attitude to footwear is to own perhaps two or three pairs of shoes, which they will then try and pass off with any pair of jeans and outfit to look great. What many people do not tell them is that, in reality, it is their choice of footwear that is severely letting them down. How can men address this lazy affliction that threatens to see them stuck in a fashion black hole for all of eternity?

Shoes For The Outfit

What we have to say at this stage, is that in no way are we suggesting you should go out and buy a pair of shoes to match every t-shirt you own. Clearly, that would just be plain ridiculous. In fact, rather than focus on the traditional “man” things such as colour, we approached it from a different perspective.

As we are talking about style, it stands to reason that the style of shoe is what can make or break your look. Which are the best ones?



These have probably taken over classic style trainers as the number one footwear choice for men everywhere. Whether branded favourites such as Converse All Star and Fred Perry, or something basic yet stylish from the high street, these are a great look to wear with jeans, and can be especially useful for putting together the always awkward “smart casual” get up.



Not generally a popular trend setter, but sporty trainers, and high tops in particular, are highly regarded in urban fashion circles. While they should only be really worn with baggy jeans, they really come to life worn with track pants and exaggerated, oversized tailoring.

Classics can still be worn with regular denim as they always have been, however these are two styles that you can simply not afford to get mistaken or mixed up.



This is definitely where it begins to get interesting. This year especially, espadrilles have found their way into a men’s wardrobes in one form or another, but what are the boundaries?

We say that with jeans, they are acceptable for relaxing during the day or about town, but never for an evening out, even to a relaxed pub. Ideally, keep them for more relaxed styles, and wear them to the beach or during your summer holiday.

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