How to Achieve the ‘Rock Chick’ Look

September 5, 2013

Dressing with confidence is all part of believing in yourself, and it’s also great fun. One way to show that you are completely confident and self-assured is with the rock chick look – and it’s also incredibly sexy. So here is how to get the look in five easy steps.

  1. ‘Whip your Hair back and Forth’

Sorry to have to quote Willow Smith but it is the only way – besides head-banging – that will get you the desired hair style. Basically, you need bed head and it doesn’t actually matter about the colour. Even girls with the blondest of hair can look incredible with the rock chick look. This look is all about attitude, but don’t mistake that for arrogance. Whip out the hair spray and the dry shampoo and then you’re part way there to achieving the rocker look.

  1. Black Tights

What is brilliant about this particular look is that it doesn’t matter if you have holes or ladders in your tights – in fact it can only add to it. Otherwise you could wear over-the-knee socks and or stockings for a more sensual and overtly sexy look. If you are feeling extra confident and want to reveal a bit of skin then bring out the fishnets.

How to Achieve the ‘Rock Chick’ Look

‘Rock Chick’ Look Fashion

  1. Get a Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is the essential rock-star uniform, but they can be fairly expensive. You will find that recycling clothes for money can be a fabulous way to get the cash to buy a new real leather jacket. If you’re not into leather, you could always buy a faux version – it will have the same desired effect and may be cheaper. If you’re feeling creative you should try decorating your jacket with studs or diamante crystals – you’ll be totally unique and you can guarantee that no one will have a jacket like it.

  1. A Band T-Shirt

You must have a band tee, but don’t wear one of a band you don’t like or haven’t ever listened too or you’ll be faced with really awkward conversations. It doesn’t matter if it is baggy, body con or cropped – go for whatever you’re comfortable in. If in doubt steal your boyfriend’s or shop in the male section of a store!

  1. Essential Denim

Jeans, a mini skirt or short shorts are exactly what you need to ensure that this look is a success. Skinny jeans are fabulous for dressing down or for a night out – combine them with a pair of tall black platform shoe boots. For a fun-loving look wear a pair of denim shorts or a mini skirt with converse high top trainers.

Go on then, don’t be shy. Experiment with your look and you’ll certainly feel more confident for it. Sometimes you just need to let go and be a rock chick for a day. Everyone wants to feel like a rock star and this way you’re already half way there! Fashion is fun, so make sure you embrace it.

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