How New Trends Setting in Bollywood with Designer Sarees

April 24, 2013

Designers Sarees are making a comeback into bollywood. But frankly, they were never away to begin with. Popular images of bollywood heroines wooing their beloved onscreen by wearing a chiffon saree are vividly etched on our minds. However, designer sarees have made a huge impression recently as the Indian fashion industry has decided to look inwards than outwards and give India, the identity that it should be proud about. Designer sarees are here to stay. Hence, get ready for some exciting times!

More than just a Saree

When you are thinking about a saree, you are not just thinking about a piece of cloth, but a symbol of millions of women, connecting them with each other across the length and breadth of the country. Designers have taken a number of steps to conserve and update the art that defines the saree. They have experimented with the designs and have brought in materials that were hitherto unheard of. Hence, when you are talking a designer creation, you are speaking about the very best of Indian culture within your reach.

Bollywood Designer Sarees Trends

Not Just Culturally Significant but Trendy

A designer creation is something that allows you to flaunt Indian culture in all the occasions of your life. From an office party to a marriage reception, a designer creation can come to your rescue anytime you want. Hence, with Bollywood movies recently taking content to be very important, they are investing a lot on costumes, and popular movies such as Parineeta and Devdas have given saree the due respect that it deserves. On one hand you have sarees which are ‘heavy’ and on the other you have Sushmita Sen proudly flaunting a Chiffon designer creation in the movie “Main Hoon Na”. It even made Shahrukh Khan sigh.

Versatility – The true advantage

Sarees have always been considered to be conservative, one that is not suitable for official occasions. However, with popular celebrities like Vidya Balan redefining the saree and wearing it to almost all the award ceremonies and movie premieres, designer sarees have really hit back and have floored the masses. Your next designer saree is now within your reach, thanks to so many upcoming designers competitively pricing their creations.

Designer Sarees – Your own piece of the Moon

Designer creations take a lot of time. No two sarees are the same. Hence, you can truly display your purchase as one of a kind to others, thereby drawing some curious glances and making many fall for you. When you are thinking about making the best possible fashion statement, then the right designer saree coupled with the accessory can work towards your advantage.

Just ensure to go online and find the right deals. Plus, when you search online, you are able to widen your search and save a lot of time. So, flaunt your style in the best possible way and make people fall at your feet by wearing a designer creation. You will love every moment of it.

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