How Does Your Shoe Reflect Your Personality?

November 14, 2012

Whoever thought that shoes could give a quick insight into a woman’s personality or mood? No matter how much you do your cover ups, you’re shoes’ style, color and shape can give another person clues . Some studies have even shown a significant relationship between a shoe and its owner. Not only does it show your personality, psychologists claim that shoes also show your status, neatness, the attention you give to details, your fashion sense, of course, and more.

Womens Shoe Styles

The following are at least top 4 shoe styles that grossly reflect women’s personalities:

1.Flats for the simple minds

Are you that easy-going, sometimes friendly, a little boring, and sweet girl? Women who like flat shoes are usually considered a little childish and fragile and someone whom people can’t seem to get hold of. As simple as they might look, they can still be great fashionistas because of the style of their tops/dresses. Someone who is also fond of wearing new clothes most of the time. Sometimes, they can be considered as happy-go-lucky women.

2.Killer Heels

Often being taken as a shallow girl, the person who wears stilettos conveys a lot about her prowess of being a temptress and her knowledge that she has greater sex appeal. With greater confidence, she is most likely vivid and an unexpected person who has always been longing for attention. The good stuff? Her confidence about herself. The bad stuff? People may not take her seriously for what or who she is. These types of shoes are often seen in people who follow celebrity footwear.


Most women who are outgoing usually prefer tomboy shoes over high-heeled stilettos. They love being with their friends and relatives almost all the time and love just being themselves when they are with people who respect and love them. The only con that we can think of about these type of women is that they are highly leaned towards getting bored if they are in the same place for too long. But, when you try to think about it, they are somewhat unique and interesting in their own way.


When we think about girls in bikes, we often think of them as rebellious and outgoing women. Women who don’t care a bit about society or what have you. Well in fact, studies did show, that these biker queens are usually reserved and at times, a bit egocentric. Although these type of women rarely put their trust on anyone and would prefer doing the dirty work themselves, they still do think about and are sensitive enough to care or worry about their relationship with other people. Quite like a mixture of sugar and spice kind of women.

Generally, once we get the hang of it, we usually stick to one style of footwear. That’s when we realize that these do greatly say a volume about your personality. Of course, we’d like to do experiments and mix and match our styles from time to time, nevertheless, there would still come a time that one would stick with which she’s most comfortable of.

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