How Do Pulse Massagers Work?

February 19, 2015

Pulse massagers or the EMS machines operate on either a direct power source, connected through an adapter, or the machine that has 9v batteries. The pulses generated by the device are transmitted through metal electrodes with soft pads at the tips. The pads are placed on the muscle portions of the human body and the pulse stimulation is done to provide the appropriate treatment to the muscles. This is just a brief description and the answer to the question, How Do Pulse Massagers Work? For a more detailed description, read on.

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Pulse Massagers

Generating Pulses and Massaging

For ages, humans have used massage as a therapy for rejuvenating tired muscles. It has been used for relieving muscle stress and pain. Even today, massage parlors can be found in every part of the world, where men and women go and get a massage (again, by men or women) and feel relieved. In the field of sports, most top teams are accompanied by measures to provide instant relief to the sportsmen from muscle spasms and the like. But these are massages physically delivered. We are here talking about creating a massage through electric pulses delivered through palm size soft pads stuck on the body. These pulses get generated by means of a pulse massager machine, which is connected to the normal household power socket. The massager machine has a main unit (best tens units) easily held in one hand, much like the size of a mobile phone and there are metal electrodes, generally two of them, connected to the pulse massager. At the other end of the electrodes are attached pads made from special material with a self sticking arrangement. The size and shape of the pad can vary, from manufacturer to manufacturer and usually there is a plastic screen, which you have to remove and stick the pad on. After the massage is done, remove the pad, refix the screen and put back into the pack for use the next time.

Some More Facts on Pulse Massagers

The pads need to be replaced after a few uses. One reason is that its stickiness would go after being used for some time, and it won’t stay when placed on the skin. Then, coming directly in contact with the skin and handled with fingers, the pads could get dirty as well. Some suppliers add spare pads along with the machine when bought for the first time. You should be able to source the pads otherwise, as well.

How Does Pulse Massaging Help

While answering the question How Do Pulse Massagers Work?, you might wish to know how the pulse massaging helps you. The first aspect is that you are being given a drug-free, non-interventionist treatment for muscle pains and spasms. Drugs, tablets or injections could cause either immediate side effects or long term harm. Secondly, the cost you incur on the pulse massaging is negligible. Third, and perhaps the most important advantage is that you can get the massaging done at your home, when you need it, instead of having to fix an appointment with a physiotherapist every time you feel the pain or have an attack of spasm.

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