How Can Hair Oils and Serums Change The Way Your Day Begins?

November 19, 2017

Hair serum and hair oil have been the topics of many debates and conversations. In reality, very few know what makes them so similar, yet so different. The correct hair products can create a world of difference to your hairdo, but the proper nourishment can make sure every day is a great hair day for you!

Hair oil vs. Hair serum

It is a never-ending battle for most hair experts. Hair oil nourishes the scalp, promotes blood circulation and nourishes the hair. Hair oils have more concentrates of the good stuff (vitamins and proteins), and they make your hair super smooth and silky. However, are hair serums just styling products? Is there more to serums that we often ignore? Does your hair need serum or oil right now? Or, do you need the best of both?

Coconut oil is still #1

Coconut is probably the most well-known source of natural hair oil. Coconut oil can smoothen hair, it smells great, and it can get rid of stubborn itchy scalp problems in a jiffy. Coconut oil based shampoos and conditioners are great if you have dry hair. The instant moisture-lock property reduces fizz and adds volume to limp hair. When we combine the goodness of coconut oil with the light nature of serums, we get magical results. Like the soil hair products, more hair experts are swooning over right now.

Essential oils to wipe out stress

Lavender oil and bergamot serums provide fantastic aromatherapy cures to hair problems. If you are stressed, just make a relaxing lavender bath; add your lavender, natural oil, and bath salts. While massaging your hair, add a few drops of bergamot orange oil drops to the mix. This essential oil is a brilliant stress buster. You can have a luxurious spa experience right at home with this combination.

Protect treated and damaged hair

Argan Oil is excellent for hair too. If you have colored or treated hair, you may want to try the magic of argan oil. It prevents further damage, protects the color and helps your hair heal itself from the inside. It also smells great, and that automatically adds pep to your daily life. It is an excellent replacement for the more conventional Moroccan oil. Although Moroccan oil is good for hair, in general, it can damage colored hair. It can easily burn through your highlights and cause them to become slightly brassy.

Take care of skin and hair

Organic jojoba oil works wonders on skin and hair. It can provide optimum hydration, and it can remove signs of aging. If you are suffering from dry scalp problems from changing the weather or a severe case of dandruff, you can easily add a couple of drops of jojoba oil and rose essential oil to your regular oil and massage it in. You can also add jojoba oil to your serum and give your hair a lustrous look for the evening.

Making the right choices for your hair can affect your daily lifestyle. Good hair in the morning takes way less time to style. It means no regular straightening, washing and blow-drying to step out into the world. Invest in good oil and serums to say hi to a heedful of gorgeous hair.

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