Hottest Trends for 2014-15 Winter Fashion

November 28, 2012

Staying warm this winter doesn’t have to mean bundling up in bulky, unshapely coats or layers and layers of sweaters and scarves. You can look and feel hot with some of this season’s trends, including everything from sweaters and coats to handbags and hats.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few of the hottest trends for 2014 – 2015 winter fashion:

Hottest Trends for 2012-13 Winter Fashion

Oversized Bags

When it comes to bags this season, the bigger the better. Think hobo chic and become a fashionable “bag lady.” Try pairing a baggy sweater with an oversized bag that can carry all your winter essentials. Try big satchels and oversized totes in a variety of colors, and consider handheld or over-the-shoulder styles. Pair your oversized bag with simple leggings and a cute pair of stiletto ankle boots to really make a statement.

Jewel-Tone Sweaters

Your winter wardrobe doesn’t have to be a monochromatic wash of drab grays, blues and whites. Add a pop of color to dress up your wardrobe and inject some energy into your day. Try jewel-tone sweaters in shades like turquoise, coral or silver. You can also choose fabrics with metallic accents to add a bit of flair and really play up the “jewel” aspect.

Beaded Collars

Forget about bulky scarves this season. Add a little bling to your sweater by choosing styles with beaded and jeweled collars. Not only will you add some flair to your outfit, but you can also streamline your accessorizing by cutting out the need for necklaces or scarves. Choosing a jeweled or beaded collar will instantly dress up a boring sweater whether you are out on the town or just heading into the office.

Quilted Coats

The popularity of period pieces like Game of Thrones and Downtown Abbey have inspired intricate fashions that borrow some of these historical details. Quilted coats are one such trend to come out of this popularity. Show off a warm, brocade coat that is both beautiful and practical.


Hats are making a big comeback this season. Old-fashioned fedoras are a hot look that can be paired with a fitted blazer, an edgy leather jacket, or even an oversized cardigan and skinny jeans. Experiment with what looks best on your frame and with your own personal style.

What are your favorite trends for this winter? Share your favorites and how you’ll be wearing them in the comments!

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