Homemade Beauty Products Remedies

January 7, 2019

Homemade beauty products give our natural lifestyle with health skin and natural beauty. They are earth friendly. They avoid irritation and no any strange side effects. Container used for fill beauty remedies must be clean with boiled water. We used only clean container because we can’t take risk with our soft beautiful skin.

DIY Beauty Blender at home

For making diy beauty blender at home we need very few things. Like 1. soft sponge, 2.scissors and 3.pencil. Cut the soft sponge in blender shape. This diy beauty blender is very low cost and easy to use. Its cost only Rs 30.

Homemade Blush

Ingredient of homemade blush are 1. Johnson’s baby powder, 2.roli teeka, 3.rubbing alcohol. Mix all three ingredient in a empty small container. Let leave for dry and your homemade blush is ready for use. Its cost only Rs 15.

Homemade Concealer at just 10rs

Now we make homemade concealer. Concealer used before make up for hide dark circles and wrinkles. Things need for concealer are 1. Skin moisturizer cream, 2. Foundation, 3.skin powder.
Now mix all three ingredients and homemade concealer is ready for use without any side affect.   

How to make foundation at home

For making foundation at home we need 1.moisturizer, 2.corn starch, 3.nutmeg powder, 4.cocoa powder, 5.turmeric powder, 6.essential oil. Now mix all ingredients in neat and clean small container. 

Homemade Hair Removal Soap

We will share a secret remedy with you to make a homemade hair removal soap. Our first ingredient is glycerin soap. Its comes in a crystal form. Next ingredient is Barium Sulphide. It is available in two colors smoky or white color. Our third ingredient is saffron. Saffron has many benefits for skin as well as your health. At the end add Glycrein. For making hair removal soap ,melt glycerin soap and add saffron, glycerin and barium sulphide. Let it dry.

Homemade Night cream

For making homemade night cream we need 7- 8 almonds, 7-8 pistachios,1-2 spoon rose water, 3 heaped TSP yogurt, ½ TSP turmeric, 1 lemon zest, lemon juice of half medium sized lemon, vitamin E two capsules, almond oil for dry skin. Now mix and grind all ingredients and fill in air tight container.

 Homemade lip-gloss with Almond oil and cocoa butter

To make homemade lip-gloss we need some ingredients like Almond oil, glycerin, coconut oil. To make the lip gloss pigmented, you can use pearl powder or loosed eye shadow. If you don’t have it, simply use any eye shadow, just crush it fine before using. Now mix all and fill in a lip gloss tube.

Homemade Natural lipstick

Homemade natural lipstickstay for 5-7 hours guaranteed. It’s very affordable and 100% natural. We need ingredients for it coconut oil ½ tsp, olive oil ½ tsp, beeswax small quantity, food color. Mix all ingredients and fill in any empty lipstick tube. Keep it in fridge for 5 minutes .Homemade natural lipstick is ready.

DIY Green Tea Moisturizer

Ingredients for make diy green tea moisturizer we need 1 spoon green tea, 2 spoon oil for dry skin or 2 spoon rose water for oily skin, 1 vitamin E capsule, alovera gel. Green tea leaves boli with 2 spoon water and mix all things. Then store in frigde.

How to make 100%natural waterproof eyeliner at home

For make 100% natural waterproof eyeliner at home we need 1 tsp aloevera gel , 1teaspoon coconut oil, I tea spoon homemade dry kajal or charcoal powder. Now mix all of these ingredients properly. Take an old eyeliner pen and fill in this mixture in old eyeliner pen. This homemade eyeliner pen is 100% natural.

Homemade eye shadow

We need johnsons baby powder, cocoa powder or chocolate powder, 1- 2 droops rubbing alcohol or medical spirit, Vaseline. Mix all of these ingredients properly. Homemade eye shadow is ready. For night parties shining eye shadow mix also glitter in it.

Homemade Sunscreen

Ultraviolet rays of sun can damage our beautiful skin. But our homemade sunscreen can care of our skin. We need aloevera gel, vitamin E capsule, Zinc acetate oral solution. Mix all properly and sunscreen is ready for use.

How to make makeup remover wipes

Its very simple to make makeup remover wipes at home. We need half tbsp aloevera gel , 12-15 tbsp rose water, 3-4 droops extra virgin coconut oil, 2drops lavender EO . You can add less or more rose water depending on the number of cotton pads or tissue papers you take.

Homemade primer for makeup

For make homemade primer for make up we need some ingredients aloevera gel, glycerin, moisturizer. Mix all properly and homemade primer is ready for use.

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