Holi 2019 Festival in India – Story, Dishes, Colors

March 9, 2019

Holi 2019 will begin in the evening of Wednesday 20March, 2019 and ends in the evening of Thursday 21March,2019. But according to hindu rules, this festival celebrated in the full moon of Phagun Month every year. This festival celebrate for two days. First day peoples do Holika dahan and second day all play with colors or celebrates with relatives and friends. Holi 2019 also known as Dhulendi, dhurudi, dhukkhel and dhulvandan. At this day people singing, playing with colours and water, eat sweets and also give hug to relatives with Holi 2019 blessings.

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Holi 2019 images, poster, pictures, wallpaper
Holi 2019 images, poster, pictures, wallpaper

Holi festival story
According to legend past story, Hiranyakashyap was the powerful king. He thought he is a God and wanted that everyone worship him like God. While his son Prahlad not following the orders of his father and refused to worship him and started worshiping of Lord Vishnu instead the place of his father. That’s why Hiranyakashyap angered by this and gave many punishments to Prahlad.

After that, Hiranyakashyap and his sister Holika together make a danger plan for finish the life of Prahlad. In this plan Holika (Hiranyakashyap’s sister) would sit on the pyre with Prahlad. Holika had a garment that she did not cause any kind of damage to the fire, but Prahlad did not have anything to save himself. He believe only in one thing “faith in lord Vishnu”.

But when Holika sit in to pyre with Prahlad then the fire was burnt, Holika’s garment flew away from Holika and went over to Prahlad. Likewise Prahlad’s life was saved and his place Holika was burnt in the fire. This is the reason Holi festival is celebrate as a symbol of good victory over evil.

On the day of “Holika Dahan”, a sacred fire is lit, in which all kinds of evils, pride and negativity are burnt. The next day, we give our best wishes to our loved ones by coloring, sweets and gifts. As well as enjoy this festival with dancing, songs, and delicious, tasty dishes. On the streets pink, yellow, green, red and many more colors are scattered and people greet their friends and family with the festival. 

Holi Festival Dishes
Holi is a colorful festival. Then along with lots of colors, the colorful tasty dishes also have fun. The fragrance and taste of the delicious dishes made during the festivals itself brings water to the people’s mouth. We can make and serve many varieties of dishes at the time of Holi 2019. Lots of dishes are prepared on the occasion of Holi 2019. Many people often organize big or small parties on “Holi”.

Holi2019 dishes, sweets, homemade Meethaee
Holi2019 dishes, sweets, homemade Meethaee

(a) Holi Festival Special Sweets: gujiya, badam ki kheer, klakand, gulab jamun, tirangi barfi, rasgula, nariyal barfi, jlebi, rasmalayi, kaju katli, maal puaa, mung daal halwa, loki halwa, kaddu halwa, dry dates halwa, kaddu kheer, apple kheer, sewai kheer, shahi tukda, chena rabri, shahi rabri, fruit custard , milk cake, nariyal barfi, besan barfi, kesar-malai kulfi
(b) Holi Festival Special Namkeen : aaloo ki tikki, aaloo poha, upma, tiranga sandwich, dahi bade, kanji vada, chilli potato, masala dry aalloo, khasta besan kachori, urad dal kachori, tava kulcha, palak pakore, paneer prantha, aalo prantha, corn cheese parantha, lemon rice, vegetable rice.

Holi 2019 drinks, Thandai, bhang
Holi 2019 drinks, Thandai, bhang

(c) Holi Festival Special Drinks: Thandi cold drink, kanji vada, Thanda jaljeera, Dry fruit lassi, namkeen jeera lassi, kesaria milk, Masala milk, Badam ka sharbat.

The method of making natural Eco Friendly colors :
“Bura Na Mano HOLI Hai”
There is only one thing on everyone’s tongue when the festival of colors comes near the day of Holi. But the chemical used in Holi colors is very harmful for both skin and health. Holi Colours those made by Chemicals are very dangerous for the eyes, even the cause of blindness can also become. Its also harmful for skin. There is many harmful chemicals which can be very dangerous for allergy and asthma patients.
Strong chemicals of holi colors can be harmful for our skin. But we all want to celebrate that festival. In this case, we should prepare herbal and natural colours at home, with the help of fruits, vegetables, flowers and other natural things. Now be ready play Holi with organic ,healthy and pure hand made colours.  

Holi2019 eco friendly colours, homemade herbal colours
Holi2019 eco friendly colours, homemade herbal colours

(a) Green Colour : Green colour is easy to creat at home. It can be made from dried flowers, leaves , heena, dried meals powder etc. You can use mhendi as wet and dry both green colours. Mhendi also very beneficial for hair. If you want wet green colour then you can grind the spinach and coriander. For dry green holi colour you can dry the leaves of gulmohar and make fine powder. Mix two teaspoons of meals in one liter of water and stir well.  

(b) Red Colour : EnjoyofHoli festival can’t be complete without red colour. Redcolour is the symbol of  love. For this red colour, use the flowers of tesu and red chandan powder. This is a reddish powder and very good for skin. At second way, it can be used by grinding flowers of Gudhal, which will not harm for your body. Dry the Jaswanti flowers flowers and make the powder and add flour to increase its volume. Red Sindore seeds are also used in wet red colour. Boil two small spoons of red sandalwood powder in five liters of water. Put twenty liters of water in Pomegranate peels can also be made red by boiling in water.

(c) Black Colour : If you want use black colour at holi time, then do not use chemical. Grind black grapes , make paste and add some water in it.

(d) Yellow Colour :  Mix one spoon turmeric powder in to two liters of water and mix well. You can boil it for thick yellow colour. You can also use marigold flowers for making yellow colour. This organic pure colours are very beneficial for skin.

(e) Orange Colour : For making orange colour take saffron and soak it in to water for few hours. Then grind it and after add water in it. The flower of tesu soaked in water overnight and made very shiny orange colour. This colour also make by orange sandalwood powder.

(f) Blue Colour : For making blue colour you can use zakranda and blue jaswanti flowers. Grind this blue flowers and boil with water. By the use Jamun fruit we can make very beautiful shiny blue colour.

If you want to look special on Holi 2019 then wear it

In Indain festival there are not only happiness important but also fashion and style are also neccesary. At past time, people used old clothes and slippers for playing Holi. But now, almost all people touch with social media, and also upload the photos and clips of Holi 2019 celebration. That’s why people, especially young genration wear trendy items like that stylish dresses, sunglasses, caps, jackets, scarfs, footwear, Tshirts etc. For get the look of celebrities you can wear white colour.

Holi festival fashion style
Holi festival fashion style

(a) Rainbow Wig = Rainbow colourful wig is a very beautiful way for all age group. Whether it is a solution of style and also a protection of real hair . In addition  to rainbow wig, collection of colorful hair bands also available in the market.
(b) Holi special Tshirts= These days, there are different designs of white t- shirt of girls and boys are available with the image and wishes of holi. Colorful print gives a different look . Many people are also seeking special dresses for the Holi Party. You can personalized your own Holi T shirt http://lolprint.com/
(c) Craze of colourful sunglasses=  Due to the craziness of uploading photos on social site, people now want to look stylish while playing Holi. These days, the trend of colored sunglasses is special for Holi. These are not just for the style, but they also protect the eyes.

How to Remove harmful dark Holi colours
Even if you have fun while playing with holi colors, but after playing you feel like a punishment and get panic for next official day. But now do not panic, we are telling you some easy method of remove holi dark colours that are available in your kitchen.

Happy Holi 2019 HD Wallpaper
Happy Holi 2019 HD Wallpaper

(a) Mix lemon and milk in Besan and apply it on your skin by making a paste. Allow this paste on the skin for 15-20 minutes and wash with lukewarm water.
(b) You should use the curd on the skin to remove the color. Massage the curd and slowly your color will start to remove. Don’t rub your skin very much.
(c) Joun flour and almond oil are also used in reducing the high level dark colour on the body. The colour can be cleaned by putting oil on the skin.
(d) Mix honey in roasted tomatoes and mix it with multani soil. Use this paste as a scrub. This will easily reduce the dark colours.
(e) Before playing with colours put plenty of oil on your body and hair. This will make the oil layer on your skin and hair.

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