Hit the masquerade ball in stunning style-By these Hairstyles

April 17, 2014

Opt out these fancy hairstyles to hit the masquerade ball

Who doesn’t love an opulent masquerade ball? These kinds of parties are not just fun, they’re an excellent opportunity for people of all ages to hide their identity and just enjoy precious time with their loved ones. Mardi Gras celebrations are held around the world. Some of them are being organized on the street while others are carefully planned in high-end venues. Are you preparing for a chic masquerade ball and you’re having troubles deciding on a hairstyle? Well, then you might want to have a closer look at some really cool ideas presented below:

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Braided hair – the coolest trend of 2014

Braids are finally back in fashion, and the style is now more appreciated than ever. It gives women a fresh, clean appeal but it can also make them look messy-cool. Wearing your hair silky and sleek will draw attention, but since you’re preparing for a trendy masquerade ball, don’t you think it’s time for a change? The key ingredient to a beautiful messy bun is to take things step by step. Don’t overcomplicate things by putting too much hairspray.

One of the most esteemed braided hairstyle is the messy fishtail. It’s incredibly easy to do. Here are some guidelines:

  • make a pony tail using a rubber band and divide the hair in 2 main sections
  • Take a thin strand from the 1st section and pass it over to the 2nd; just like cross stranding. The thinner the strand, the better the fishtail will look
  • repeat until you’ve reached the end of the braid
  • cut the rubber band and use a comb to make the ponytail look messy

Braided hairstyles the coolest trend of 2014

Wavy curls

The best way to make your eyes pop at a masquerade ball is opt for a hairstyle that frames your face really well. Curls can do that. They’re not just sexy and mysterious, they’re also flattering and suitable with any type of costume or outfit. If your hair is straight, using a curling iron and some mousse to really make your curls stand out may seem like a sensible decision. A masquerade party calls for a unique style, and since everyone will be wearing masks, it’s up to you to mix and match.

Black hair goes perfectly with a bloody red masquerade mask, and if you’re blond you can opt for a golden mask and pink lips. The combinations are endless, you just need to have the courage to improvise and make your entire outfit make an impression.

Wavy curls hairstyles

History-inspired hairstyles

Lots of masquerade costumes are actually inspired from historic events, whether we’re talking about the real deal or about fiction. If you’re portraying a real person, look for in-depth information about the hairstyle. Marie Antoinette for example, is famous for her towering white curls. Another memorable character is William Shakespeare’s Juliet. Wear your hair loose and use a chignon to frame your face.

If you’re wearing a generic costume, such as a princess dress, you could opt for a more formal up-do. Keep things versatile by opting for an opulent mask. Some Mardi Gras and masquerade balls are high-end. The key is to dress according to a certain theme, but look classy not ridiculous. A wispy bun is an excellent choice for a fairytale costume, while the French twist works better for princess-inspired outfits. As a last resort you can opt for wigs. If you want to dress like Cleopatra but you don’t have bangs, you can purchase a fake one to make your hairstyle work without cutting your own hair.

Are you ready for a memorable party? A masquerade ball organized in an exclusive venue calls for an equally exclusive outfit. You can’t just ignore the theme; women should know that a complicated hairstyle can’t stand firm for an entire night if the products used were not of the highest quality.

Don’t purchase the cheapest hairspray on the market, and ask for assistance if you’re not a brand guru. Better yet, you can go straight to the nearest salon and ask a specialist. Buying quality hair products will make sure your hairstyle will remain intact for at least 6 hours. Are you ready to dance all night long and look incredible?

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