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May 4, 2013

Since ancient times, jewellery has its own importance among the people. Not only women, but also men use jewellery to look beautiful. A lot many types of jewelleries are available in the market and bracelet is one of the most popular types. This multipurpose fashion accessory can take various forms, from elegant classic style to contemporary chic style. It is a well-known accessory and used around the world.

Girl Bracelets

Cute Girl Wearing Bracelets

The style and the comfort that it offers are the primary factors that you need to consider when choosing the bracelet. Take for example, if your major work involves your hands, you would not be comfortable wearing a bracelet which is really loose.  Likewise, a delicate choice of bracelets will not be apt for a homemaker who is tied up with work all day. There are different types of bracelets available and knowing about them can make your shopping a bit easier. The classification of the bracelets can be done on the basis of the material used to make it and the purpose of the bracelet. When classified according to the material used, we can have diamond bracelet, gold bracelet, metal bracelet, silver bracelet, plastic bracelet etc. And the price of the material purely depends on the material used to make it. Yet another factor that determines the price of the bracelet is the complexity of the bracelet design.

Some types of bracelets are used for special causes and in special occasions. For example, magnetic bracelet is used by people having high blood pressure. Wearing it will help you increase the blood flow by about 300 % and relive pain in other parts of the body. Another example is cancer awareness bracelet. It is usually made of plastic or rubber and is not that much expensive. The money generated from the selling is used to serve the people suffering from cancer. Likewise, breast cancer awareness bracelet, Aids awareness bracelet etc are available to help the needy.

Bangle bracelets are circular bracelets that slip over the hands. They fit around the wrist loosely and look like chunky. Also, most of the materials used to make bangle bracelets include, inexpensive metals and plastic at times as well. Cuffs bracelets are wider than usual bangle bracelet. Things used in their making could include leather, any metal or cloth.

Tennis bracelets are yet another category that can be used for casual as well as formal wear. Usually such bracelet is made of previous stones and gems. This type of bracelet is quite comfortable to wear as it is so light and thin. Tennis bracelets are always an asset because of the fact that they are embellished with valuable diamonds.

Yet another type of bracelets is charm bracelets. Charm bracelets are available in two types. One is a chain bracelet to which a number of charms are attached. The other type of charm bracelet is Italian charm bracelet. This one are affixed with certain rectangular shaped small glasses. The former one is especially made for young girls whereas the latter one is suitable for all ages.

Be it any type of bracelet, it is important to check the quality of the material used and the fineness in the design. Bracelet being a fashion accessory is used by most people around the world and you must choose a unique style to look more elegant.

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