Helpful Tips for Styling Your Long Curly Hair in the Most Fashionable Way

October 19, 2012

People with long hairs can make different types of hairstyles that would fit for any occasion. Many girls would envy those women who have long curly style in their hair as it does really add attraction to the overall look of a woman especially if it suits the dress that she wears. This hairstyle is very common in the entertainment world as there are many celebrities who attend special occasions and prefer to have this hair do. Some of the girls who have straight hairs would even find a way to get that stunning look of curly style in their long hair even if it’s only for one occasion.

Many hairstylists believe that depending on how a hair is taken care of and how it is done, it can be a nightmare or a dream-come-true for anyone. From elegant, romantic, cute and sexy, a long hair will always be in for any style. To make your long curly hair style more stunning and fabulous you can follow some steps and stand out from the rest of the party goers.

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Styling Long Curly Hair Girl

  • Make sure to choose the right hairdo for the occasion

People with long curly hair can either choose any of the following hairstyles to create a different look in them for every occasion.

  • Side parted– This hairstyle must be done based on the shape of the person’s face. You can have your hair parted on the side to look flattering. Have it hanging down or use a perfect ponytail.
  • Middle partition– Having this kind of hairstyle will still depend on the shape of the person’s face. Dividing the hair straight in the middle will give the bearer an extra feminine look.
  • The romantic style– Leaving your hair loose can give you a simple romantic look. People with long curly hairs usually look sexier and cuter but sometimes will also depend on the person.
  • An Updo – If you will attend a formal occasion, an elegant updo could take all the eyes on you on that special day. You can even add some loose curls at the sides of your head as well as on the back that will suit perfectly for the shape of your face.
  • Layers and bangs– if you want another style for your long curly hair you can have different variations on how it is to be cut. You can add bangs or have your hair cut in layers with different depths.
  • The hair should match your dress and must fit for the event you will be attending.

You must never forget considering the type of dress you may wear as this will add beauty to your looks for that day.

  • Consult a hairstylist

If you don’t really know how to style your hair for a special occasion and you want to flatter someone in the party, it is ideal to go to a hairstylist and ask suggestions on how to perfectly style your hair and look different from the rest of the visitors. Let him or her know what kind of occasion you are going to attend. You must also let her or him be aware of the kind of dress you will be wearing. The hairstylist will be able to evaluate your face and give you suggestions on how you will stand out in the crowd in that event.

Long curly hair style offers great flexibility with the kind of design that makes yourself and your escort for the occasion proud. This is also the type of hair that requires proper maintenance. Trimming the ends of your hair regularly will help keep split ends from emerging.

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