Heart-Friendly Exercises to Increase Your Cardiovascular Fitness

November 19, 2017

Well, no one denies that an active workout regimen is good for the body, the heart included. However,the biggest myth in the fitness realm is that all exercises are heart-healthy. To ensure a lifetime of cardiovascular fitness, one needs to be choosy in the exercises he or she engages in.

While certain exercises are great for your body, they can be hard on your heart. At the same time, some exercises that guarantee great results for the muscles might not be gentle on your heart. To maintain perfect cardiovascular health, you need an assortment of exercises that work well for both cases. So which are some of the best options on the table?

Circuit training

When it comes to improving the health of your heart, any movement is better than no movement at all. However, high-intensity workouts such as circuit training guarantee better results. Such workouts prompt the blood to pump harder, thereby challenging the elasticity of the arterial wall. Ideally, the arteries stretch, thereby improving their elasticity. What results is enhanced cardiovascular fitness. For the best results, opt for minimum rest periods while alternating between lower and upper body exercises.

Weight training

Weight training is an important regimen for people suffering from heart diseases. At the mention of this phrase, most people think of muscle building. While it serves this purposes, which is critical in fat burning, weight training also helps to strengthen the bones and is good for the heart. For professional weightlifters who use legal steroids, you can exploit renowned steroidsforsale suppliers for tips on choosing heart-friendly steroids.

For your cardiovascular system to benefit from weight training, it is important that you use your body weight in determining the ideal type of weight training exercise to engage in. Over time, it is recommended that you adjust the tempo of the movement to increase the difficulty. This promises even better outcomes.


We all know the great role steady runs play in keeping fit and staying in perfects shape. However, running is also good for your cardiovascular system. If carried out appropriately, this training is also helpful in depleting glycogen stored within the muscles. This way, you are able to utilize the stored fats around the heart and other organs. This way, you will remain healthy while keeping stroke and heart attack at bay. The trick lies in working hard enough to run out of breath then taking minimal rest periods before resuming the workouts.

Regular cycling

A large study carried out by British Medical Association revealed that cycling significantly reduces the risk of coronary disease. According to the findings, cycling 32km per week reduces the incidence of heart diseases by up to 50%. The cycling process involves intense usage of the leg muscles, which work together to elevate the heart rates. Interestingly, this workout also improves mental health besides ensuring cardiovascular fitness.

Heart diseases are among the world’s leading killers. Keeping your heart healthy by engaging in regular workouts keep such diseases at bay. Choosing the right exercises ensures realistic, easy and desirable outcomes.

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