Health Insurance Types and Benefits

March 29, 2019

In the present time all people lives with future concern. For this future concern many government and non-government banks have give the facility of convenience and service of various types of insurance. Reduce your medical cost through a reliable Health Insurance.

Health insurance is a type of insurance service, in this anyone can manage their medical and surgical expenses. Various types of financial companies have different schemes for them. Mainly, this insurance helps the customer in the payment of hospitalization, ambulance, nursing care, surgery, medical bills etc.It also very helpful during the accident or any disease. For enjoy all this benefits of Health Insurance, we should purchase Health Insurance according to our income. The insurance company plays all these responsibilities very well. Certain insurance plans also pay for health checkups from time to time.  

Types of Health Insurance

There are different types of insurance plans according to different age groups and there different needs.
1. Personal Health Insurance: In case of personal health insurance, only one person gets the benefit of insurance policy.
2. Family Health Insurance:
These plans have been prepared for the joint family of India. In this insurance up to 14 people of family can join together. With a variety of beneficial plans, it proves to be very good for Indian Families.
3. Senior Citizen Health Insurance Scheme:
This Health Insurance is for all those people who have been 60 years or more. This Healthy Insurance provides protection for health related diseases during old age.
4. Critical Illness Insurance Plans: Critical health condition has a weakening effect on the person’s lifestyle and requires a lot of money for treatment. It also causes loss of income due to inability to do this work. To deal with this problem, it is important to take a critical illness Insurance Plan.
 5. Cashless Medical Insurance:  Cashless Medical Insurance is very useful in accidents like this, which cost lots of money. 
6. Maternity Health Insurance: According to Maternity Health Insurance Policy all the expenses of pregnant women and their infant cover by it. All expense covered by insurance policy before the birth of newborn baby, and after all the checkup of the mother, includes all the expenses.
7. Medical Policy for Students:
Student Medical Insurance is necessary in many foreign colleges. This type of insurance provides their benefits during the student’s studies.

Benefits of Health Insurance

  1. Help in OPD Expense: According to traditional insurance, a hospitalized person can insure after 24 hours. But now some Health Insurance offering instant support. Under this facility, Health Insurance companies give all the OPD expenses of the customer. Currently time ICICI and Star Health Care are offering these facilities.
  2. Tax Benefits: According to section 80D insurance, customer may get some tax benefits as well. The customer can get the benefits of up to Rs 55,000 under this section.
  3. Cashless Service: Now a day’s many Insurance companies have a direct link with large hospitals, which provide cashless services to their insurance clients in the hospitals affiliated with them. Therefore, customers do not have to worry about cash in the required time. 
  4. Online Facilities Available: At past we bought insurance policy by an agent, but now days it can be bought online. From online customer can purchase insurance directly without any extra charge of mediator.
  5. Renewal Service: Unlike the old insurance system, now a day’s many health related insurances company have started more intuitive and flexible plans. The old insurance system had a maximum age limit, but the service of instant health insurance is free from this condition and the customer can renew this plan at any time during his life time.
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