Having a Bad Hair Day-Go Back in Time and Borrow from These Classic Cuts

December 17, 2014

Truth first; if there is one thing that gives ladies the creeps it must be how to wear their hair. For men, things are quite simple though these days they also have to be fashionable. This is the reason MySecretPlaylist.com consistently churns out nuggets of wisdom on how best to deal with bad hair blues.

For a lady, walking out of the door without the best hairdo on the head is a faux pas and it only takes a few glances to realize your mistake.

Learning from the Past

With so many ephemeral fads coming and going, how do you keep up while retaining your fashion sense? This is where a short history lesson comes in handy. As they say you never know where you are going till you know where you are from. Fashion analysts argue that after all, everything that is chic today borrows from history.

Most Influential Hairstyles of all Time Pictures, Images, Photos, Wallpapers

Most Influential Hairstyles of all Time

Most Influential Hairstyles 

If you do not want to think a lot about how to wear your hair, looking at iconic hairstyles is a good idea. Take a look at some of the most influential women hairstyles:

  • Jennifer Aniston’s ‘Rachel’: Adorable is the name you will definitely give Aniston’s character in the popular sitcom Friends. However, ladies got more than this when she changed her hair from natural dark to the popular lob haircut that has had many variations even in celebrity circles. It is reputed that over 11 million women have tried it so far, why not give it a try?
  • Farrah Fawcett’s ‘feathered flip’: You might have forgotten all about Fawcett’s exploits on the screen but you will always note her hairstyle inspiration on many women. The long-layered shag was almost synonymous with her character in the 70s show Charlie’s Angels. You can give it a modern interpretation just like Beyoncé among others have done with impeccable results.
  • Margaret Thatcher: The ‘iron lady’ makes an entrant due to her trademark coiffed blonde locks that made her stand out.
  • Victoria Beckham’s ‘posh bob’: The year was 2006 and Victoria was making a transition. With the magic of her scissors, the fashion icon gave the world one of the most popular structured hairstyles. The asymmetrical look of the style fits well with her jawline and you can also make a bold fashion statement by donning this style.
  • Marlin Monroe: Her blonde curls come to mind immediately this name is mentioned. That’s how iconic the style is. It is no wonder ladies who want to turn heads still go for blonde retro waves. The color fit perfectly with her body hue and if you share the same, go ahead and dazzle your friends.
  • Michelle Obama’s ‘cool classic’: How does a hitherto unknown woman captivate the fashion world in a matter of months? Her classic hair cut just fits her elegance and it is no wonder millions of women are feeling comfortable in their natural hair with a touch of glamor.

There are many more icons you can borrow a tip or two from, for instance Audrey Hepburn, Prince Dian’s royal do, Danii Minogue’s sleek bob, Meg Ryan’s shag to mention but a few.

Well, it seems what is classic will always remain a hit in ladies’ hairstyle; why not take advantage?

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