Hair Style Tips, Get The Look: Rihanna

July 25, 2012

There’s no doubt that in terms of style, singer Rihanna is something of a chameleon. Since her rise to global stardom she’s rarely been seen with the same haircut twice and she’s rocked them all!

Provided below are five top tips to emulate Rihanna’s most striking styles.

If you’d like to recreate Rihanna’s short hair cut, take a look at one of her photos. This style was typified by the short back and sides, but ultra feminine long, sweeping bangs across her face. This style takes very little maintenance, save regular trims to keep it looking neat. The most important styling product here would be a little wax or serum to keep the bangs smooth, separated and in place.

Rihanna also opted for a blunt cut bob with blunt bangs. The most important thing here is the bluntness of the cut. To style it, smooth a straightening product through towel dried hair and blow-dry your hair straight. Apply a small amount of heat protection spray and section by section, straighten your hair so it sits sleekly and smoothly. Finish it with a dot or two of serum to maintain sleekness.

Hair Style Tips, Get The Look: Rihanna HD Wallpapers, Pictures Images, Photos

Hair Style Tips, Get The Look: Rihanna

If you have longer hair and would like to emulate some of Rihanna’s curlier styles, you’ll need either curling tongs or one of the heated styling wands that are currently on the market. For the corkscrew curls she adopted, simply section off your hair and piece by piece spray on a protective heat styling product and wind your hair round the barrel of the tongs, hold in place for a few seconds and release. Work your way round until all your hair is curled, then finish my misting it with a shine serum.

At a recent awards ceremony, Rihanna was seen wearing a chic and fashionable bun up-do with ultra-long bangs that really highlighted the sleekness of her hair. To recreate this, tie your hair into a high ponytail and secure with a covered elastic. Over your hair elastic, place a covered ‘bun doughnut’. Tip your head upside down and begin to evenly spread your hair over it so that it’s equally covered. Hold the bun in place then secure it by placing a hair elastic similar to your own hair colour. Secure any stray ends with bobby pins. For the fringe, sweep it to one side and if it’s long enough, flick it out slightly with either the hairdryer or straighteners.

Don’t forget the golden rule…

Hair that takes a lot of styling will need lots of TLC to keep it in great shape. Have to hand the right hair and beauty supplies to help you on your way. Regular intensive treatments are an essential way to maintain good hair health whatever style it’s cut in.

Whether your own hair is long, short or somewhere in between, at some stage Rihanna will have adopted a hairstyle that you can recreate on your own hair to get the ultimate in pop star chic. The most important thing to remember is to have fun, whichever style of hers you choose to adopt!

This article for hair and beauty supplies was written on behalf of Salons Direct.

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