Hair loss shampoo – does it work?

September 12, 2018

Women joke about tearing their hair out when they are stress, but dealing with real hair loss or thinning problem is not a joke. For many women, head is a defining part of their identity. Our hair has a great influence on our confidence and how we represent ourselves to others. So, hair loss for men and women can be really frustrating and difficult time for anyone going through it.

According to the American Hair Loss Association, each year near about 50 million men and 40% women in the U.S. suffer from hair loss. Hair problems affect every aspect of our life. Whether it’s our interpersonal life or business life, male pattern baldness or female hair thinning problems affects all type of emotional relationship. And those who are suffering from this might want to do anything to get rid of this situation.

Hair loss shampoo

Hair loss shampoo

In order to treat the difficulty, first if you have to understand the real cause of this underline hair problems. Once you have sought out why your hair is falling out at the first sight, you might be able to tackle the hair loss situation with confidence.

Similarly, there are lots of hair care solutions that are claiming miraculously to be very effective to deal all hair health-related problems starting from hair falling to androgenic alopecia. Probably you are still searching for one that might deliver proper support in your hair loss journeys.

No worries, thanks to scientific breakthroughs and innovation there are multiple options that might be able to help you once and for all- shampoo is the most noninvasive and popular solution that we use regularly. But the million dollar question is; are you sure that you are not wasting money on fake products?

Hair Loss Shampoo - Does It Work

Hair Loss Shampoo – Does It Work

To find the answer first let look at the best shampoo to regrow hair and how these shampoos’ fighting mechanisms work on minimizing all hair problems.

How can healthy ingredients slow down hair loss?

There are some common ingredients in hair loss shampoo which might make a significant difference in minimizing hair loss problems.

Keratin: Keratin is an important protein that makes up our skin and nails including hair.  Our hair strands are made of keratin protein. This protein component and hair loss can go hand in hand. Keratins are produced through the multiplication and differentiation of cells and remain under the scalps of the skin layer.

The mechanism works in a dual process. Firstly- few of the keratinocytes move out of the edge of the hair follicles and make the outer and inner root sheaths of hair and the remaining works to give rise of the hair shafts.

Since 90% of our hair structure is made of keratin, if there create any deficiencies, hair will lose its elasticity and strength. As a reason hair can be broken while blending or folding. And as keratin is insoluble in water, the scarcity might lead your hair to withstand in extreme temperature. This is how keratin protein helps our hair strands.

Vitamins: Like other parts of our body hair also need necessary vitamins to remain healthy. Vitamin deficiency might lead to serve hair loss for both man and women. Like it has been proven through many studies that vitamin E might help to fight the hair loss. Vitamin’s antioxidant properties help to reduce oxidative stress on our scalp that can affect the overall hair health including roots.

Several vitamins’ nutritional properties help to increase blood circulation of the scalp and help the hair shafts get proper nutrients to grow strong. Vitamin-E also creates a barrier in the hair scalp so that it can retain enough moisture and prevent excess oil production and biotin (Vitamin B7) helps hair shafts to rebuild damaged hair and thus hair grows strong. Vitamin D regulates the vital hormones productions and thus prevents hair loss. A healthy scalp means healthy hair, less breakage,and damage.

Minerals:Shiny, fuller and stronger hair can’t be achieved if there is any minerals deficiency. Minerals—all are important minerals that have significant effects on our hair health.  Iron helps to carry white blood cell to our hair cell. A common iron deficiency is called anemia- hair loss situation.

Zinc also plays important role in keeping oil glands active around the hair follicles thus help to repair hair and growth cycle.

These minerals accelerate the hair growth and help to build flexible and luster looking hair.

Herbal extracts: Though there is no magic solution that might stop your hair problems overnight;but many research and lab studies have shown that herbs are found effective in slow down hair loss and other scalp related problems. These herbal extracts include caffeine, tea tree oil, ginger, aloevera. Argan oil, lavender extracts, green tea, jojoba oil, and mineral oil are most common.

These herbs are a great source of important nutrients, minerals and oils properties that are found effective in treating hair follicles, scalp’s health,and hair damages.

Here What Hair Loss Shampoos Claim

When men and women around the world are suffering from the hair loss problems, others are claiming to be able to fix, no matter what type of hair health deficiencies patients are going through.

You might remember a well-known brand was legally ceased for the naughty marketing stunt. The commercial of that products shows the shampoo contains caffeine that will cure hair loss problems. Based on the misguided statement and wrong claim, lawsuit banned that product for marketing further.

Similarly, there are countless shampoos in the market those are claiming just like the case. So, who are we supposed to believe?

But the real truth is; no matter what, the above ingredients and stimulants (Protein, vitamin, minerals and herbs’ extract) work well for our hair loss problems. And these are not any commercial stunts! These have been proven by many clinical types of research. That means there are shampoos as well that can slow down your hair loss and at the same time can encourage healthier hair growth.Most of the renowned hair loss shampoo focus on improving scalp condition and hair. So the next question should be how to find those?

How Do I Choose the Right hair loss Shampoo?

It’s always best to visit any practitioner at first before jumping to the conclusion. An expert might guide you better to understand why your hair is falling out and what nutritional scarcity you are going through.

Once you’ve decided to try hair loss shampoos, be sure you checked the bellow things carefully.

  1. Checking ingredients: Triple checks the shampoo’s contents and ingredients. Since you have identified the real cause of your hair problems, it’d be easier for you to decide which ingredients should work best to slow down the situation and then see whether the serum bottle contains those properties.
  2. Check Everything: Check whether the product has been sustained for at least one year and has got substantial unbiased and genuine reviews of the end users. There is sufficient proof that this bottle did a splendid job in reducing the problems.
  3. Take your time: Remember hair loss solution need at least 6 to 8 months time to get the desired So it’s better to check all at the very first stage before you realize after a few months.

The Final Verdicts:

There is no doubt that those hair loss shampoos or shampoo that stimulates your hair follicles that contains high-quality ingredients which are suited to your scalp and promote the hair health will start working within a few weeks. You might also need to take good care of your hair health, diet and daily routine that can become a threat to your overall health, your hair follicles, strands.

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