Guidelines to Get Started with Selling Your Old Clothes for Cash

January 15, 2013

There are several options for you, if you’ve decided to sell your clothes for cash; the online cash for clothing represents a big change in the reusable or recycling industry. Be it a simple reason to make money or create environmental awareness, people recycle clothes that they need no longer. Apart from recycling, selling used clothes has also become a proven way of generating good money. Instead of simply discarding them, you can earn some cash, keeping your resources open. Here are few tips that would help you in selling clothes for cash.

Researching Stores

The vintage and used clothing in yellow pages are good places to begin with; call them and determine what items are currently in high demand, like name, brand, style, etc. The vintage clothing stores usually take fabrics that are over twenty years old and if you find something lying in your or your parent’s wardrobe of early 80s stuffs, you can make profit from them. There are consignment stores that take clothes for commission and it would be available during seasonal times.

It is a great place to sell your bride’s maid costumes or formal gowns. The used or contemporary stores prefer items currently in style and less than two to three years old. Some stores are locally owned, while few will have strict guidelines for the things they buy, including style numbers, sizes, and colors. Check online as there are many websites, kept open to a larger group of consumers.

Girl Selling Old Clothes for Cash

Girl Selling Old Clothes for Cash

Know What Sells

To start with, concentrate on selling what you’ve with you, rather than buying clothing to sell for more cash. Do some research and try to know what sells best by visiting the seller’s auction. It is just to determine what style or brands sell and what do not. What you like may not be the good seller or hot brand. You can write an article about your clothing and its comfort zone and why you are selling them in a fair voice to attract people.

If you want your sweater to be sold, then check online for its demand, or else you would simply waste your time and effort. Sort the clothing into winter/fall and summer/spring seasons as during summer, woolen shirts or sweaters will have less demand. Sort them by size and give a detailed description, so that the buyer can find them easily.

Repair Your Clothes

Holes, rips, missing buttons, and stains will affect the selling process of your clothes even if they are looking fantastic. Most stores aren’t any interested in buying damaged clothes as buyers look for like-new condition used clothes. Do not list the clothes that are damaged or faded. A used cloth in excellent condition can help you earn some reputation.

Pictures Attract Most of the Buyers!

Images are very important when you’re selling your clothes for cash on any online site; no matter what you’re selling, you must attach several pictures of the merchandise so that potential buyers can see it clearly, and make a quick decision

Make sure that you take pictures of clothing in all possible angles so that buyers don’t have to twist their necks to see them. If a product is very ornate, upscale, or unique, take a couple of extra pictures, showing every minute detailing. Even for normal auctions, you should be showing minimum 2 to 3 photos of the items at you put up for sale.

If you follow the above guidelines, you’ll very well be on your way to making some extra money from your old clothes, which are simply lying in your wardrobe.

About Author – Seb Millard enjoys the thrills of what it is like to sell clothes for cash and that excitement compels him to write handy tips, and basic guides for consumers, sellers, and traders.

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