Green Fashion Arrives in Red Carpet

March 19, 2013

After Oscars, fashion critics graded the worst and best dress-up including hairstyles, accessories and gowns on red carpet. One dress in sustainable fashion was exclusive from the others in this grand ceremony.

The Red Carpet Green Dress contest is now running for the fourth year. It offers a chance to the emerging designers to showcase their sustainable fashion ideas in the gown that A-lister in Oscars wore. It is said that the sketches in the contest should be designed with materials that will not harm this environment.

Green Fashion Arrives in Red Carpet

Clothing is sustainable because of the materials used for its stitching or for lesser use of fabric waste during the production level. Michael Badger, the unanimous winner this year offered an inspirational design depicting lava’s movement from one volcano. This design was demonstrated on watercolor paper of hemp.

The winning design of Badger is given life in the past few weeks by the assistance from Dame Vivienne Westwood. Bond Girl Naomie Harris wore this gown at the award ceremony on Sunday. The gown was finally displayed in front of the audience by this Skyfall actress!

This winner designer works with a renowned organization and designed many sustainable gowns for the actresses arriving in Oscar ceremony. The gowns are undoubtedly much prettier than any other dresses. This sustainable gown was made of organic silk crepe de chine, certified by Global Organic Textile Standard. The entire gown was embroidered with chocolate candy wrappers and vintage glass beads dyed with humble camomile and golden rod.

No chemicals are being used in the gown of Naomie Harris. It is versatile and regarded by fashion critics as sustainable since it was created in an eco-friendly manner. Sandhu remarks, “Eco-fashion can be part of sustainable design, but it’s not necessarily the only thing that defines sustainable fashion.”

Sustainable fashion designing clothes are pleasing for the fashion critics! This is certainly an innovative clothing for the actresses on red carpet.

Author’s Bio: This article is contributed by Charles Malcolm, a fashion designer. He likes to create uniqueness in his fashion designing like other designers. Fashion TV is one of the DISH Network channels that he finds quite interesting and useful for his profession.

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