Great leather tops for men for all occasions

January 4, 2013

Nothing is better than a great leather jacket that can be worn at anytime.

When looking for a leather to suit a busy life you will want to have as much choice and information as you can get your hands on. This does not mean just strolling up and down high streets but also having a look online.

Going out
If your social life is very important to you then being comfortable in a great fitting leather jacket is a must, especially if you enjoy walking, biking, travel and nights out. When going out with friends you will want to look casual but smart and for this reason wearing leather jackets for men is a great way to achieve both. Leather jackets are so comfortable and the more they are worn the more they seem to mould to your body, just like a comfortable pair of leather shoes soften with time.

Great leather tops for Mens

Great leather tops for Mens

A leather jacket is the most symbolic masculine clothing a man can have in his wardrobe. Leather jackets for men never go out of fashion and can come in so many different styles, from those trendsetting aviator jackets to the biker jackets, rugged and hardwearing. Of course there have been many really famous men who have made leather jackets iconic; such as Marlon Brando or Steve McQueen. But the main appeal is they are just sensible and comfortable and can be worn for any occasion.

Your wardrobe
Making sure there are several leather jackets in your wardrobe to go with any of your jeans or trousers is very important. Why not put the darker coloured jeans with a black leather jacket? This always looks great. Having a choice of striped or chequered shirts to accompany the different styles of jacket will further add to your overall style.

Colour is important. Your best-loved black leather jacket will look very stylish with a white T Shirt; take a look at Marlon Brando for inspiration. But you do not, by any means, have to only wear black leather, you can also wear a dark brown aviator jacket with cream fur trim that looks super when worn with a cool polo neck top. Another great type of leather jacket comes with a hood and knitted trim running around the base of the jacket and with which wearing slightly tighter fitting cords, in a light beige hue, can create a very striking combination.

The style of leather jackets tends to stick to three timeless designs; two pockets located on the chest area; two side pockets for a more understated and plain look and of course the well known ‘bomber’ style leather jacket.

If you happen to have the hobby of getting out on the open road on your motorbike you will know that having the correct gear is so important, especially as a lot of biking can take place in all sorts of weather conditions. Whilst looking fashionable is part of the scene, keeping warm is also very important. That’s the beauty of a leather jacket, they come in so many designs and strengths of leather that it is easy to find the right one for the occasion.

Peter Robertson is an accomplished men’s fashion author with a keenness for modern men’s wear. His hobbies range from travel, outings with his friends and family and he is a keen biker. He knows having the right leather jackets for men is essential.

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