Good Reasons for Sending Cards at Christmas 2018

September 15, 2013

Sending cards at Christmas 2018 has been a long term tradition for many reasons. Primarily, the practice of sending cards developed in the 19th century alongside changes in cheap postal distribution, and advances in lithography, which made manufacturing cards much easier. Traditionally sent cards became a fixture of houses, schools and workplaces during the 20th century, and have more recently expanded to include online cards, as well as cards designed and posted from websites. Whether sending cards the traditional way, or via online networks, its worth looking at some of the best reasons for sending out cards at Christmas, from keeping in touch to design opportunities, as well as for the opportunity to get children involved in card sending.

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1 – Keeping in Touch

Perhaps the main reason for sending Christmas cards, a card can act as a useful way of keeping in touch if you don’t see or speak to another person on a regular basis. A simply sent card with a message can be a good way of letting a distant relative know about your family’s news, and can be accompanied by photographs and messages from different members of the family.

2 – Ease of Sending

The ease by which cards can be sent at Christmas means that it’s difficult to claim that they’re too expensive or difficult to send. Cards can be bought cheaply from shops, and through recycling schemes, and can also be sent online, cutting out postage charges.

3 – It Gives You an Opportunity to Design a Card

Personally designed Christmas cards are a great way to put your own touch on a card, and can be achieved through hand crafted cards and decorations, or through the use of online templates. In the case of the latter, templates can be used to produce a distinctive card for the Christmas season.

4 – Showing You Care

Whether sent out to family members, friends, or work colleagues, a Christmas card shows that you care, and are thinking about other people. Sending a card can cheer people up who might be feeling lonely during the holidays, and means that they will get in touch if you haven’t spoken for a while.

5 – Reminder for the Year

Christmas cards sent out with personal messages and family information can act as a tangible reminder of the year gone, and can be retained after the holiday season as a memento that can be stored and looked at again in the future.

6 – Good for Business

Businesses can send out Christmas cards as part of a way to build stronger customer relations. This investment needn’t take a lot of time and money, and can show that a business values its customers, and is willing to make a gesture to demonstrate this.

7 – Can Be Sent for Charity

Sending Christmas cards via a charity scheme can demonstrate your commitment to helping others, whether that means buying cards produced by ethical means, or with the profits going on to specific charity organisations.

8 – Gets Children Involved

Putting together Christmas cards can mean that children get involved with the designing and sending process. This approach is particularly useful if children can help out with designing the front of cards, and adding messages to their insides.

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