Glitter and Shimmer: Makeup Tips for Glasses and Contacts

January 4, 2013

It is said that the eyes are mirrors to the soul. Couples in love gaze deeply into each other’s eyes. Much of the communication between human beings is focused not on the words we speak, but on nonverbal communication, including eye contact.  It makes sense that many women seek to emphasize their eyes with eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, even false eyelashes. But if you wear contact lenses or glasses, wearing makeup requires employing specific techniques. For glasses wearers, the challenge is to apply makeup so that their eyeglass frames don’t overpower their eyes.  For contact lens wearers, the issues concerning makeup focus on eye health.

Makeup Tips for Glasses and Contacts Wearers

Makeup Tips for Glasses and Contacts Wearers

Makeup Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

Wearing contact lenses does not mean giving up on wearing makeup. However, you should choose a non allergenic makeup brand for eye makeup, even if you don’t otherwise have sensitive skin. Almay and Clinique are good choices, but other choices exist.  Cream eye shadow is less likely to fall into your eyes and cause irritation than powder. Water based cream shadow is preferable to oil based cream. If you really love powder eye shadow, close the eye on which you’re applying eye shadow and brush off any excess before you open your eye. Never apply eyeliner below your eyelashes.

Insert your contacts before applying makeup so that you can see what you’re doing!  Wash your hands thoroughly before and after inserting your contact lens. You should also replace your makeup every three months or so to minimize the chance of eye infection from bacteria transferring from your makeup to your eyes. If you’re not sure, give your makeup a sniff.  If it smells funny, out it goes.  Of course, sharing makeup with others is never a good idea, but it is especially important not to share eye makeup if you wear contact lenses to prevent the possible spread of infection.

Makeup Tips for Glasses Wearers

Many women are tempted to pile on the eye makeup if they wear glasses, but that’s not the best approach. Instead, expert Bobbi Brown advises taking care of details such as keeping your brows shaped and defined and carefully applying eyeliner, especially on your upper eyelids.  Likewise, use a light touch with under eye concealer to hide the effects of too many late nights or under eye puffiness caused by genetics. Match the concealer as closely as possible to your natural skin tone.

If your glasses make your eyes look larger, use an especially light touch when applying makeup, and blend every step carefully. If your glasses make your eyes look smaller, apply eyeliner around your entire eye. All women who wear glasses should wear black mascara. However, bright eye shadow shades should be avoided, especially if your eyeglass frames are also brightly colored.

Skin care is also essential when you wear glasses. Eyeglass lenses often emphasize flaws around the eye, so blemishes are potentially magnified. Maintaining a clear, smooth complexion ensures that the attention of those who look at you is on your eyes, your hair or your beautiful bone structure – not on your blemishes.

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