Getting to Know The Types of Skincare Products

November 8, 2012

With all the skincare products available, knowing what-does-what and what-you-need can be quite a confusing issue. Alas, it is much better to have too much to choose from than not enough, and with some basic knowledge of skincare products, you’re sure to benefit from all the options that the market has to offer.



The starting point of any good skincare routine, cleansers come in millions of different shapes and formulas, and the one that is the best for you will depend solely on your skin type. Cleansers can be broadly categorized into two categories: foaming and non-foaming. There are countless variations within these categories such as bar soaps, gel cleansers, and cream cleansers. There are also several types of special-purpose cleansers like acne-fighting washes, sensitive skin formulas, and anti-aging.


Made to remove dead skin cells and give a healthy glow, exfoliation two or three times a week is the perfect complement to a facial cleanser. Exfoliants usually work their magic through the use of tiny particles in the formula that gently buff away dryness, letting the fresher, healthier skin shine through.


Evident by their name, this category of skincare products is used to hydrate dry skin. As with cleansers and toners, moisturizers can come suited for every skin type. Some moisturizers are rich and thick for those with extremely dry skin, while others are light and runny for oilier-skinned individuals.


Toners are designed to cleanse the skin and shrink the appearance of pores. They are typically applied with a cotton ball or other soft material wiping the surface of the skin. Just as with the other skincare products, toners can be very specialized In nature as well. Some toners are called face fresheners and contain very little alcohol. These are suitable for people with dry or sensitive skin. The second group of toners is made up of skin tonics, which contain slightly more alcohol than fresheners, and usually contain some type of humectants derived from nature to provide extra benefits and nutrition to the skin. The final type of toner is known as an astringent, the most aggressive of the toners. It contains more alcohol and is considered by many to be helpful to those with oily or acne-prone skin.  Many astringents also contain witch-hazel.


Skin masques are specialized treatments that can be used to occasionally to improve the look and feel of the skin. A masque is usually applied by spreading a thin layer over the skin, waiting a certain amount of time, then removing it. Masques can come in clays that harden and must be rinsed off, or as gels that are peeled off. Many have natural or chemical ingredients that can be highly effective in treating certain skin conditions.

These are just some of the basic types of product you can use to keep your skin in healthy and good condition. To list all of the special creams and treatments available would take ages. In short, finding the right skincare products for you will be a matter of proper skin-type evaluation, patience, and trial and error.

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