Get Sprung on Hot Springtime Style

December 4, 2012

Okay, we know it’s still very much freezing outside. However, a couple of months from now, the snow will soon melt, and leaves will be sprouting from trees. The temperatures will begin to rise and it’ll be springtime. It is time to get your springtime and summer outfits ready.

Get Sprung on Hot Springtime Style

So, what should you get? Then read up as we will give you our roundup of the top fashion trends this Spring of 2013.

  • Bermuda shorts. Since temperatures will be higher and it will be hotter, it is indeed time to get your hands on these short pants. Bermuda shorts will be one of the biggest things to come this coming season so make sure that you have some ready in your closet.
  • Volume up. The temperature’s getting hot so you need clothes that can help cool you down. Clothes with exaggerated volume can cool you down while you look hot amidst the blistering summer heat.
  • Turn Japanese. Embroidered tops and cool, light shaded fabrics mimicking Japanese-themed dresses will be one of the hottest trends this coming spring. So it’s time to turn Japanese and get these cool clothes now while they’re still rather affordable.
  • Go Hippie. 60’s silhouettes will be making a big comeback and they will do so with a bang! Nice ensembles, matching checkered or patterned dresses and other 60’s-inspired designs will be making it big this coming spring.
  • Ruff-a-ruff-ruff. Big, elaborate, and oversized ruffles will also be hot this coming season. Get them ruffled clothes now and be completely ready for the next season!
  • Animal Patched. Patches or clothes with cool animal prints are going to be big in the spring. So do your research and choose those hot and fab prints for your spring outfits now.
  • Striped. Stripes are back! This coming spring, clothes with cool and interesting stripe prints are going to be very popular soon. So go and score one before the snow falls hard and keeps you locked at home. If you have old, striped clothes from old, perhaps it is time to get them out of your old boxes now.
  • Hip Suits. Wondering how you can look nice and hip this season without getting too informal? Try these short suits now. Now, you can look decent and cool without looking too uptight.
  • See Through Sheers. Clothes with sheer panels will help you look hotter and glowing in the coming season. Stay sexy while completely wrapped up in that stylish dress and go get sheered outfits now.
  • Sportify. Sportswear separates can help give you that sporty, neat, and stylish look you want to achieve. Mix and match those pieces of sportswear now.

Yes, it will still be a good 2 or more months before spring begins. However, getting yourself ready and armed with the right info on the coming trends will help you stand out from the crowd and remain completely stylish when the shift in season comes.

Beverly Houston is passionate about fashion and is gaga over staying beautiful. This gal from the Irvine loves to blog about the beauty tips and trends, fashion trends, entertainment and everything about online shopping.

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