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April 1, 2013

Since quite some time, tattooing has become a huge fad that young people are trying to emulate to create their own fashion statement. Almost everyone around you has at some time got inked or is planning to get a tattoo soon. Most young people think of tattooing to signify that they are different from others and can stand up for themselves. It is a way by which they show that they are rebellious yet cool. It is necessary to understand the art of tattooing if you don’t want to regret having inked in a tattoo and going through the laser surgery for removing it. Here, we will help you understand what this art actually is.

The history of tattoos goes way back to the pre-historic times and has originated in different parts of the world. As early as 1045 BC, slaves as well as criminals in China used to get tattooed with a symbol ? that differentiated them from others. Japanese used to the tattooing as a punishment for wrong-doers in the 17th century. The criminals used to get tattoo rings on their arms everytime they used to commit any crime due to which they were treated as outcasts by the society. At a later stage, the Yakuza which means the Japanese mafia culture used to hide their tattoos and this was taken forth by the Russian mafia too. Many tribal populations in India have been using the tattoo art form which they call as ‘gonda’. Apart from gonda, most Indian women use Mehndi and heena work during weddings. This is another kind of tattoos that is mostly used in India.

Tattoo Girl

Tattoo Girl

If you look at the way tattoos have evolved, you will see that they were earlier used for identifying a criminal while this later changed to the tribes using it as a general idea. As the modern age dawned, the art of tattooing became more of a fad among youngsters who got tattoos to show their love to friends, lover, pet or even family members. Even though the nautical culture was the first to get inked, this fad spread worldwide due to the role played by the media. This fad stopped freaking out people into compelling them to get inked in after the early 2000s.

So, yes we understand that you want to be different. You want to showcase your views for your favorite band, song or maybe a memory. Worse of all, maybe you aren’t able to make a logical decision as you are way too drunk. We have given a few tips that you should be following before getting inked.

1. Don’t choose a design that is meaningless

You don’t want to regret for the design you choose, right? So, it’s best to finalize a design way before you enter the tattoo parlour. You should choose a design that has some meaning. The design might signify your lucky number, your mom’s name or even a portrait of a god but be sure of what you want. Get such a tattoo that you will be proud of even years later.

2. Don’t get common tattoos

Every other person in this world has tattoos of butterflies, dolphins, skulls, angels etc. Avoid such common tattoo designs and think differently.

3. Avoid girlfriend/ boyfriend names

Even if you feel eternal love for your boyfriend or girlfriend, getting their name inked in is a big no-no. The reason being very simple, you don’t know how long your relationship will last. Its not like we are suggesting it won’t but still you will never know. Best bet to ink in your partner’s name would be after marriage.

4. Facial tattoos are so not in

You might have a very rebellious personality but getting tattoos on your face is not at all cool. Your tattoo will last a lifetime so facial tattoo would look bad at a later stage in life.

5. If you are drunk, don’t get inked in.

This is a rule and it would make you look worse if you were to ink in something that you shouldn’t have so don’t do it.

6. Choose the right tattoo artist

Do a full research of the tattoo artist from whom you are going to get inked in. Check on your friends and see if they have got their tattoo from that guy. It is unhealthy to go to a hair salon cum tattoo parlour so avoid that. Be sure that the tattoo artist is very hygienic and make sure that you explain the design properly.

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