Get Fashion Savvy with Instagram

February 4, 2013

Whether you’re a dedicated follower of fashion or just someone who likes to dress well and stay up to date, then why not sign up for Instagram? Like other social networking sites Instagram allows you to have followers and get ‘Likes’, but it’s so much more than just that. Designed to work with your iPad or iPhone, Instagram is easy, fun and uses many of the popular features of it’s competitors in one package that can save you time, money and even those fashion disasters that we all dread.

With over 100 million users currently signed up to Instagram and 1 more joining every second maybe you should take a look for yourself and see how Instagram can help you stay ahead in the fashion stakes. You will find that many top designers, models and clothing manufacturers are already there. The ability to quickly upload photo’s and files to Instagram, plus their range of filters that can improve your digital media sees Instagram at the forefront in the fashion world. From photographs of runway collections, backstage shots new lines and much more, Instagram is full of offering from top fashion designers down to local fashion bloggers and followers.

Get Fashion Savvy with Instagram


It’s so simple to use, take a photo of anything you want with your iPad or iPhone, upload to Instagram, choose your own or popular #hashtags, select a filter and then share. Following other fashion conscious people or designers will allow you to see what they are sharing and get glimpses of the latest in fashion, plus an insight into their lives. You can easily search and find things that interest you, your own followers and ‘Likes’ plus print your digital images with their own software. Instagram has become a hit in the fashion world and it’s easy to see why.

A Staggering 1 billion plus photographs are now shared on Instagram, a number that grows daily, people from all walks of life and places, sharing things they love. You can link your Instagram account to other social networking sites and reach a larger audience. So if you are a fashion designer, model or photographer Instagram can help get your face and products seen and appreciated without lots of problems and privacy issues. Despite the rumored issues with Instagram they continue to provide a safe, secure and popular place to share your files and photographs and you own all the rights to any media posted on your account.

Famous names such as Marc Jacobs, Tiffany & Co, Burberry and Bergdorf Goodman all have active Instagram accounts with many followers. In our modern world iPads and iPhones have taken the place of the now redundant Polaroid camera and it’s as easy as pie to share your fashion photo’s and files with others. Why not take that step and join the fastest growing community of fashion conscious folk at Instagram today? Find the latest trends and must have fashion deals or show off your own unique designs. Creating your own portfolio with Instagram makes total sense and  could give you that extra inspiration and push to become the next big thing in the fashion world.

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