Four Things Every Girl Needs in Her Closet This Summer

June 1, 2013

When you are ready to hit the town this summer, you will find there has never been a better time for you to stock your closet. A summer style requires a little bit of time and thought, so consider what your options are and how you can move forward to get the look you are after.

four things every girls needs in her closet this summer

Every girls needs in her closet this summer

Narrow Scarves

Scarves have always been popular, but the width varies. This year, we’re seeing a lot of narrow and medium-width scarves. Look for the best polyester scarves around when you are thinking about color. Something in a bright spring green or a soft lilac might be perfect for you. Simply wrap the scarf twice around your neck or knot a very short one around your throat for a very stylish chic look.


Sundresses tell us that summer is here to stay, and when you want to keep cool in style, you will find a sundress is exactly what you are after. Take a moment to consider the fact that sundress lengths are quite varied this year. For example, you can choose something that falls to halfway down your thighs, or you might want something that brushes the ground. Choose a sundress in a darker color and then decorate it with accessories that allow you to brighten it right up!


This year, sandals are getting more elaborate than they have been in a while. Over the last few years, we saw a lot of sandals that were barely there, and this year, we’re back to somewhat chunky straps. Look for sandals that are are a little heavier for that very clunky bohemian look, and skip the vinyl and rubber in favor of leather or suede. There are quite a few high heeled sandals on the market at the moment, but choose a nice pair with an inch or less of heel for day to day wear.


Skirts are a fantastic way to bare your legs in summer, and this summer, we’re seeing a return of dark denim skirts. Keep these skirts above the knee to keep them from looking too tired, but make sure you keep a few of these versatile working horse closet dependables in your closet. Match a dark short denim skirt with your favorite T-shirt and clunky sandals for a casual look, or dress it up with a sparkly shirt and tights for an easy night out on the town!

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