Foolproof Ways to Hide Hair Extension Clips

July 2, 2015

When it comes to your hairstyle, extensions are a fun, versatile way to mix it up – as long as they look like the real thing. Hairpieces allow you to instantly add volume, length, and even curl, but you want them to blend seamlessly with your own locks. Here are some tips for making sure no one else knows how you managed to create that great look.

Scrunch It

One way to make sure your extensions blend in is to create a fresh-from-the-beach style. If you’re using human hair, you can style it with the same tools and techniques you normally use. For casual, fun waves that help to incorporate your faux tresses with your real ones, apply a thickening spray and scrunch all over. This quick, toss-and-go approach gives you a windblown look that helps to camouflage your clips, and the act of scrunching your hair together with the extensions will allow the added strands to incorporate with your own.

Create Fringy Bangs

The more variation you create in terms of length and texture, the less obvious your extensions will be. You can add instant bangs to a one-length style by purchasing a hair piece that can be clipped in at your hairline, and if you choose one that includes longer pieces on either side of the bangs, you’ll frame your face nicely while creating a natural blend where the extensions end and your own mane begins.

Invert Your Clips for a Fabulous Up-Do

Pinning hair up is a great way to hide the addition of extensions, since an up-do requires clips or pins. Apply the clips upside down so the additional locks will already be facing the way you want it to go. Be sure to hide the clips under another layer of hair, and then style as you normally would. This technique can work with a perfect bun or French twist, but it’s even better with a slightly tousled ‘do that allows some tendrils to escape at the back and around your face, masking any imperfections in your placement of the extension clips. A more free-flowing style also allows you to simply pull and pin a section of hair into place to cover any exposed extension clips you might notice.


One easy way to ensure that extension clips remain hidden is to add a strategically placed hair accessory or two. In addition to adding a touch of flair, a well-placed barrette, bow, or pin can also provide extra security to ensure that everything stays put.

Keeping your extensions discrete is a practical necessity, but it doesn’t have to be a tedious task. Get creative, and have fun with it!

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