Flawless Skin in Minutes

February 20, 2014

There has been a recent insurgence of beauty products designed to make hot looks easily accessible to women. For instance, there are stick-on applications of eyeshadow to get the perfect shading, shape and detailed look. There are lip applications that can be stuck on that feature everything from cheetah prints to a glammed up glitter look. Women have eyebrow stencils, fake eyelashes and the expanse of beauty products doesn’t end there.

Flawless Skin in Minutes

Flawless Skin in Minutes

It doesn’t stop with makeup either; women have hair extensions, self-tanning lotions, fake nails and anything else imaginable to improve a woman’s aesthetics. It seems there is every product out there that’s easy to use and produces instantaneous beautiful results with the exception of foundation.

Foundation can be applied in several fashions, but not all methods produce equally beautiful results. For instance, applying foundation with one’s fingers doesn’t produce very good results. It’ll cover, but from the pushing of the fingers, foundation can be pushed into each pore, wrinkle and any other surface that is not smooth. Foundation application with a sponge produces slightly better results, but sponges tend to soak up a lot of foundation and very little actually goes on the skin. A brush produces better results still; however, there is one technique that far surpasses all three of these applications methods— airbrush.

Not only can airbrushing on makeup deliver flawless coverage, but less is used and the makeup sits on top of the skin, rather than sinking into it. For instance, a product like TemptuPro can provide amazing coverage is less quantity and creates a flat surface for which to place other makeup on. Finally, something easy for the skin!

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