Fixing Muscle Pain With Tens Units

December 9, 2015

Right now there are many people suffering through pain in their joints, and even muscles. Muscle tissue can become strained, and pressure can cause a lot of issues. For instance, if you were to hurt your quadriceps, you will not be able to walk with relative ease. You’ll take a step and the muscle tissue will not contract correctly, and you’ll limp. This is a large muscle area, and when it’s damaged, you could end up dealing with a long road to full recovery. In order to isolate this and remedy the issue, you’re going to need to look into what are known as Tens units. These are elements that can help you with getting proper relief to the areas that you may have harmed through physical activity, or strain.

Tens Units and Their Uses

These units have been used in physical therapy and recovery for many years. In fact, you may trace some of these units back to Bruce Lee. Many people know the martial artist for his movies and incredible physique. But what many have found through his life story, is that he utilized a unit that is similar to the medical Tens options that you may see on the market. He used them for muscle recovery and stimulation of the muscular system. It helped with recovery from working out, strain, and physical movement. This is said to have helped him maintain a very strict schedule and still be in tip top shape overall. These units are used today in rehabilitation settings, especially when someone is recovering from vascular system issues and need mobility without pain.

Tens Units

Defining TENS Closely

For those that aren’t sure what the acronym TENS stands for, it’s important to understand what it is and how it’s defined today. Simply put, the acronym stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. This gets to the root of how it works. It will help with nerve stimulation, and helps with tissue contractions. When you put the electrodes on the areas that need rejuvenation or even pain relief, the stimulating pulses will cause contractions in the tissue. That contraction will help ease discomfort, and even alleviate cramping and tissue strain. This doesn’t work without the electric element, and cannot work without the electrodes being placed carefully in safe areas.

No Miracle Cure

For those that are dealing with a variety of pain, especially those that are dealing with joint or muscle pain, these units are great. However, they are not “miracle cures”. They are part of a larger physical therapy solution that should be understood. Your muscle can impair circulation, which is why these are needed to fully recover from an injury or strain. These units help with increasing blood supply to afflicted tissue, and stimulate nerve endings to create an easier recovery schedule. However, it’s all part of a larger sector of relief. If you just rely on these to help you recover, you are going to end up with a longer schedule of relief. You need to use this as part of physical therapy that is done with a professional, and over time you will see great results.

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