Five Ways to Ensure Your Guests Enjoy Their Overnight Stay

November 6, 2012

Whether it is just a couple of friends passing through the town or family coming to stay over for Christmas, it is difficult for us to pass upon the opportunity of playing the role of the gracious host. Undoubtedly, one will have many responsibilities and expectations to live up to, but rest assured that the secrets to happy house guests have remained the same over the decades despite the massive technological leaps. It is all about welcoming your guests over with open arms and a big smile.

Our tips about making their stay comfortable will take care of the rest. Make sure to provide your house guests with the following comforts and they will sing your praises as a host for years to come.

Five Ways to Ensure Your Guests Enjoy Their Overnight Stay

Fresh Towels and Linens

Provide them with a nice, fresh pile of towels for their stay. If they have kids with them, throw in a few extra ones for good measure. It is a brilliant idea to have the towels smelling lovely. Giving towels a wash with baking soda and vinegar will keep towels smelling fresher for longer. Same goes for bed linen. Crisp, clean-smelling bed sheets, blankets and quilt covers are welcomed by everyone. After washing them, make sure to hang them out in the sun. Nature is the best deodorizer when it comes to bed linen. Also if one can afford it, plush robe and slippers by the bed will surely put host in the “Hostess with the Mostest” category!

A Toiletry Tote 

It can be uncomfortable for your guests to leave their toothbrush etc in your bathroom. Provide them with a shower tote to fill up and bring to the bathroom every time they need to go.  One can even fill them up with goodies as a gesture of warm hospitality. Put in a small shampoo, a conditioner, some soap, toothpaste and a brand new toothbrush. These things do not cost a lot, but it is a beautiful gesture that let your guests know that their little needs are also taken care. One can also include small hand towels in the basket.

Comfortable Sleeping Area

As a good host, the responsibility is to make sure that visiting guests get a trouble free sleep. Fresh and clean bed sheets, an alarm clock on the side table, extra blankets, and if possible, a night light would make their stay truly comfortable.  It would also be nice if they have a place of their own to unpack. Remember if guests do not get a pleasant night’s sleep, they may choose to move to a hotel the very next day. So it is essential to make their bed time as calm and comfortable as possible.

Simple Food Offerings

Easy to make foods like cereals, fruit, pastries and bagels should be stocked up. Let the guests know where these are stored so they can eat whenever they wish.  Keep multiple options on the table, and if possible enquire beforehand about their food choices so one can prepare accordingly.

Welcome Them with Enthusiasm

Ask them if they would like something else in their rooms that would make them comfortable. Keep cushions and quilt covers handy in case there are requests for extra. Usually house guests want lint rollers and an iron, keep those within reach too. Great hosts are not rich, but they are fun and caring. So when your guests arrive let them know that they are welcome to make themselves comfortable and at home, everything else will take care of itself.

Author Bio : Vicky Seth is a media blogger and writes for Manchester Deals, the on-line store for Bed Sheets.

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