Five Glam Celebrity Fashion Trends for Women

March 13, 2013

A big night out commands a big fashion statement. You may not be headed to the red carpet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look like a celebrity next time you head to the office or out for a night out on the town.

Infinity Scarves Add Timeless Style
If you’re looking for a way to accessorize that is demure, current, and ultra-feminine, there is no better look than an infinity scarf. This style of scarf is fashioned into a permanent loop, which can be wrapped over your neck and shoulders in a variety of ways, lending itself to versatility for daily wear. These scarves have made appearances on red carpets, as well as paired with sweatpants to make celebrities paparazzi ready when their dodging out for a grocery run. Popular infinity scarf patterns range from dainty paisley to edgy skulls. Celebrities like Jessica Alba are rarely snapped without their trusty scarf.

Glam Celebrity Fashion Trends for Women

Life on the Fringes 
There is something mystically romantic about a touch of fringe. Harkening back to the glamour of 1920’s flapper days, black fringe skirts and dresses bring beauty to an outfit. Modern stars such as Nicole Richie have reawakened the trend of the fringe look by constantly being snapped in beautiful contemporary pieces featuring fringe. Many modern women might wonder how exactly to incorporate something as dramatic as a fringe top or dress into their everyday wardrobe, which can be solved by pairing a white fringe top with a black leggings to create a “tuxedo” effect, which is perfect for the workplace.

Skyscraper Heels
Want to know the quickest way to build up confidence? Boost up your look with a pair of ultra-high heels. Donning a pair of look-at-me-pumps is the fastest way to command attention. For women who love to show up and dance, a pair of stunning, jaw-dropping heels can make her the center of attention on the dance floor. Right now, the trend all over London is high heels with skinny jeans or leggings. Daring red or black patent leather high heels with a heel above three inches is perfect for a lady who wants to Burn the Floor at Shaftesbury Theatre.

Ice Queen
Do you wish for a look that is cool, confident, and with a touch of ice? Try going white. Recently, celebrities such as the lovely Kate Upton have made something of a sport of showing up in white. From white dresses to fur-trimmed white coats, Kate knows how to work white. A monochrome look shows off your severe side, and reveals a touch of refreshing style. The key to wearing white is to make sure that the garment is perfectly fit to your body. Lumps, panty lines, and creases are definite disasters waiting to happen. As Kate Upton has showed off many times, simple diamonds and silver are the perfect jewelry companion when accessorizing white outfits.

Crepe Shorts
Finding the right shorts can be tricky. The perfect length is illusive. Luckily, crepe shorts are becoming popular. A favorite of Kim Kardashian, this style of tailored shorts gives women a dressy option for showing off their legs, without the hassle of wearing a skirt. These shorts can be paired with tights and a belt in order to transform them into workplace attire.

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