Five Easy DIY Makeover Tips

June 14, 2013

We’ve all seen the makeover shows. Dramatic haircuts, hair coloring and new wardrobes can drastically make over a person; however, by knowing a few “do it yourself” tips, you can create a whole new look with very little effort.


It’s true that a nicely shaped pair of eyebrows makes a face. Eyebrows can show off the eyes, but they have the ability to change the shape of the face. Eyebrows can take on virtually any look—close together, far apart, straight, arched, long, short, thin or thick. Depending upon the shape, length and width of an eyebrow, the face will change in appearance. The reason that eyebrows have so much power is that they are more prominent than the hairline and serve as a focal point to look at. This, in essence, creates a silhouette of sorts. Depending upon the desired result, shape eyebrows accordingly.


Peels create a youthful appearance and can get rid of skin spots, wrinkles, acne spots and acne. Expensive peels might not be for everyone, but you can use peels that are not as strong at home. DIY peels provide enough of a difference for subtle change, but not drastic enough to create days of skin peeling.

Facial Tone

With age, one loses definition in facial tone. However, this can be changed by doing daily facial exercises. To fix the cheeks, take a puff of air and swish into each cheek, alternating until a new breath of air is needed. To get rid of smile lines around the nose, pinch the end of the nose and constrict the muscles there. This will lift and shape the area around the nose to prevent drooping. To prevent or manage a double chin, extend the neck with the face looking upward at the ceiling. Choose to either blow kisses towards the ceiling or hit the bottom of the chin with the back of the hand.

Skin Tone

Whether skin brightening or tanning is desired, one can take care of this at home. For skin brightening, simple remedies of blending cucumbers and yogurt creates a mask that refreshes the skin and instantly brightens it.


Teeth whitening can take off up to 10 years from a person’s appearance. Likewise, yellow teeth can add years to one’s appearance. Many people can accomplish this feat at home with a mixture of baking soda and peroxide or opt for whitening products from the store.

By trying out these simple tips, one will look their best.

About the Author

Rose McKellen is a freelance writer from Austin, TX. She enjoys blogging about DIY projects that anyone can do at home. She recommends teeth whitening in Milwaukee if you’d like to try something more advanced than a DIY whitening.

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