First Date! Just Make Her Crazy with Flowers

November 6, 2012

If you really wanna make your girlfriend crazy with flowers on your first date with her so as a professional florist, I think I can help you. People used to come at our florist shop and asking what types of flowers bouquet or any flowers arrangement are suitable for their girlfriend on first date. But firstly, I accolade you for considering sending flowers your girlfriend.

The first concern for the selection of flowers for sending to your girlfriend on first date depends upon the level you are at in your relationship as well as the occasion you are going to send flowers to her or might not be any occasion. So, now let me attempt to response all these concerns…

If you want to carry flowers with you or get flowers sent to your lady before your first date, the best thought is to send a lovely bouquet of seasonal flowers, not so much luxurious, just a fairly arranged small flower bouquet arrangement. If you are going out on your first date then a medium seasonal flowers bouquet would be surely liked by your girlfriend.

First Date! Just Make Her Crazy with Flowers

If you are going to send flowers arrangement to your girlfriend’s residence then you can send a vase bouquet or a perfectly wrapped flowers bouquet so she can easily put it in her bedroom that will make her crazy every time when she saw those flowers and will surely thinks about you. If you are bringing flowers at a restaurant then you want an easy to carry bouquet or a vase arrangement that she can carry easily as well as a vase arrangement is much better because vase can keep to be reminded of you every time when she saw it after the flowers are lifeless. If you are going to many places on your first date so you can bring a single rose or a very small kind of bouquet because she can’t take a big flowers arrangement to all across town.

If you want to get her crazy with roses so don’t bring her bouquet of red roses on your first date as this is too heavy for the first date. You can bring a single red rose, a bouquet of yellow roses for friendship or pink roses for appreciation and pleasure. You can also bring her a wristlet corsage that would be perfect if you are taking her at a dance bar or a club. But do remember don’t make it too large that she might afraid of thinking that is this her first date with you.

The most important part of the flower gift giving on first date is the card that you will attach with the bouquet. Try to write something unique with some traditional words like: Looking forward to getting to know you better and better or I just really love, love, and love spending time with you or might this you make my world wonderful please come into this wonderful world forever and ever.

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