Feel Sexy & Confident with your Partner on your Special Night

October 27, 2014

First things first – sexiness isn’t confined with 36-24-36 or being a size 0. It’s a combination of beauty, brains and amazing personality. However, there’s nothing wrong with spending extra hour in the bathroom to make you look perfect on your special night with your man. At the same time, it makes you feel even more confident about yourself because you know he’s proud to have you.

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Sexy & Confident Couple

So if you’re thinking of boosting your playing field on your special night, here are some things you can do.

Don’t ditch those high heels

For three reasons: high heels add sophistication to your outfit and at the same time, it gives you height (especially when you belong in the “cute” department) and encourages good posture. Aside from this, it makes your leg muscles look more defined – in a good way.

Work on your eyes

Here’s a fact: generally speaking, men are attracted to women with bigger eyes. No harm intended on women with chinky eyes but there’s something about big eyes that makes men go weak. Did you know that it is also a sign of fertility where women are perceived to have higher levels of estrogen? Therefore, don’t be afraid to perk up those eyes. Shimmery brown eye shadow might be your best friend.

Reveal with caution

In terms of cleavage, that is. Hiding your twins might scream “I’m off limits” while too much exposure gives men a signal that you’re only after one night stand. Therefore, keep it safe in the chest area. A low cut top with a lacy bra tells your man that you are ready for that night and at the same time, gives him a bit of mystery on what lies beneath it.

Don’t forget the nightwear for honeymoon

Of course, you will need some props to make your night extra special. When it comes to making you feel sexier and more confident, you can never go wrong with lingerie. There are many types of lingerie to choose from in terms of color, style, design and fabric. Choose something that conceals your not-so-good areas and at the same time, emphasizes your best assets. More importantly, always go for Nightwear for honeymoon that makes you feel comfortable. Remember, comfort is sexy too.

Wear a sexy fragrance

The statement doesn’t seem so right however, there are certain fragrances that can turn a man on. Be careful on this. Showering yourself with perfume is not the best idea and at the same time, you don’t want to mask your natural scent called as pheromones. To be safe, go for subtle aromas such as vanilla, lavender or rose. This will surely turn him on.

Get rid of body hair

There are certain portions in your body where hair is supposed to be. That’s fine. However, it doesn’t have to stay on your legs, armpit and any other areas in your body where hair is not meant to grow. In this case, wax, or at least shave. Your man will appreciate how much time you are spending just to make you look better.

Lips a la Angelina

If you look at Angelina Jolie closely, she has big, pouty lips. Yet, a lot of men and women find it sexy and appealing. Although you don’t have her lips, the trick is make your lips fuller. Highlight the bow of your upper lip using a shimmer cream stick. In case the light hits your face, the shimmer will reflect the curve of your lips and make it look more plump.

More importantly, just enjoy and savor the night. Special occasions may not come very often and the least you can do is to have fun while you focus on each other.

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