Fashionable Wallets for Men

March 22, 2015

Searching for the perfect wallet?  Here are some tips and guidelines to help you on your quest. First, consider what material the wallet should be made of.Cow and sheep leather is the most frequently used, but alligators, crocodiles and snakes are also turned into wallets and they do add a little pizzazz. Cotton and silk fabrics are other natural materials used in wallets. You can also find wallets made in synthetic materials such as nylon, polyester and silicone.

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Fashionable Wallets for Men

Check book wallet

Also known as a “Travel Wallet” these wallets are long and thin. They fit into the front pocket of a jacket or coat but cannot be carried in a trouser pocket. Check book wallets were designed to hold larger documents, such as a check book, tickets or passport on one side, and room for credit cards on the other. Most of these wallets don’t have a compartment for coins. It’s a good choice for men that travel or like to have their check book or similar documents with them at all times, and wears a coat or jacket.

Card Holder

This is the smallest and slickest wallet. (also known as minimalist wallet).The card holder holds credit cards and maybe sometimes a few paper bills. Excellent for men that only use their plastic, The only downside is that even though it can also hold some paper bills, it is  useless in circumstances like coin only parking meters.

Bi-fold Wallet

This is the most common wallet type. The standard bi-fold folds over once and fits snuggly into any jacket or trouser pocket. The top main pouch of the wallet holds paper money, and the sides of the wallet hold credit cards, debit cards, and such essentials. Bi-fold wallets come with or without a coin compartment. Most have clear windows on the inside, very handy for your I.D or pictures of the kids.

Side-by-Side Wallet

A version of the classic bi-fold wallet, the side-by-side wallet folds over lengthwise, as opposed to widthwise, and can hold bills without having to fold them in half. This makes the wallet thinner and less bulky in a pocket.


The tri-fold wallet has, yes you got it, three sides and folds like a tri-fold brochure. The main part of the wallet is a large pocket to hold paper money. Tri-folds tend to be bulkier than the bi-fold wallet and usually have less credit card slots. Just as the bi-fold, they come with or without coin compartments and most have a clear window inside.

Accordion Wallet

A little bit of a man’s version of a clutch bag. It is bulkier and takes up more room than all other wallets. Most accordion wallets have a zipper closure to secure everything within. Paper money fits in its own compartment and doesn’t need to be folded. There are plenty of credit card slots and you can still fit in tickets and passport as well. The newer models can even feature a smart phone compartment. Very handy for men that carries a briefcase and wants all the important stuff collected together.

Wrist Wallet

The sport fantast wallet. Secures around your wrist eliminating the need for pockets in tight running gear or compression shorts. Very easy to access. Usually features a zipped coin compartment, a few credit card slots and room for a couple of folded paper bills. Perhaps not the most elegant of styles but looks real good with a bicycle helmet and water bottle.

Coin Holder

This is a simple wallet, just large enough to hold a couple of dollars in loose change inside a securely closed pouch. This wallet fits easily into almost any pocket. On the downside, you can only use it for a bit of change. Very good when you need four quarters for a parking meter, not so good when one is paying the restaurant check.

Money Clip

The opposite of a coin holder, this holds only paper money. Consisting of a metal clip that holds folded money together. Money clips are for men that prefer to pay with cash but needless to say they are losing popularity as the world is going digital. However, they make very nice little gifts as they can be monogrammed and personalized to no end.

There are also a great number of hybrids and mutants between the different wallet types, so take your time and make a wise choice.



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