Family Dentists to Keep Your Teeth Sparkling

March 11, 2013

Teeth Need Maintenance:

Right from the time we are kids, we are continually told that we need to brush twice a day, for at least five minutes each time. Although these instructions are seldom followed, as we grow older teeth become more and more difficult to maintain. A lot of people face a number of issues with their teeth, which are as follows:

1) Discoloration of teeth owing to negligence and poor maintenance, or too much coloring in food and drink.

2) Formation of plaque that leads to bad breath.

3) Injury of a tooth (or teeth) in an accident or due to other reasons, leaving behind chipped or broken teeth.

4) Teeth that are growing out of alignment or out of proportion.

5) Weak teeth that fall off or are incapable of functioning right (happens with old age).

All these issues are traditionally treated by dentists. However these days, there are new breeds of dentists who are using their diverse skills to treat dental issues in as inconspicuous a manner as possible. Although they are not recognized as any different from regular dentists by dental authorities, their methods do differ from the conventional ones and they have come to be known as cosmetic dentists.

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Family Dentists to Keep Your Teeth Sparkling

Family dentists:

A family dentist in Anchorage will ensure that you receive all the oral health care that you deserve. The most basic difference between a family dentist and a regular dentist is that the former will accept patients from all age groups, which makes them the natural choice if you have kids. They are adept at treating milk teeth if you have small children, as well as permanent teeth.

The Services Offered:

There are a number of services that a dentist in Anchorage will offer, ranging from dental implants to teeth whitening. A few of these processes are explained below.

1) Dental implants:

They are used for patients who have lost a tooth, or have weak teeth owing to old age. An implant is a bone-friendly material that is fitted to the tooth or teeth in question, restoring them to functionality. In a dental implant procedure, each tooth is attended to separately without dependence on neighboring teeth (unlike the bridge work involved in traditional dentures), which bodes well for the overall life of the teeth. What is more, since the material is bone-friendly, it will fuse with the teeth over time, creating the feeling that the ailing tooth has re-grown.

2) Root canal treatment:

Every tooth has a hollow portion inside its root, within which the pulp of the tooth is housed. This hollow is called the root canal. If the pulp were to be infected, it begins to decay and can be very painful. Dentists will carefully remove the infected pulp, clean the surrounding area with disinfectant and then replace the pulp with filler material. This is a very sensitive procedure that is known as root canal surgery, something that most family dentists in Anchorage will be adept at.

3) Teeth whitening:

Owing to smoking, junk food, tea, coffee or dark sodas, teeth begin to yellow over time. This can be cured by any general dentist in Anchorage, AK. There are a number of different whitening procedures, ranging from in-clinic solutions to methods that can be implemented by you in the privacy of your house itself. Either way, you can be sure that these techniques will put the shine back in your teeth and the confidence back in your smile.

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