Facial yoga for glowing face with pictures

January 28, 2019

Same yoga principal will apply to keep a body feeling fit and youthful glowing face. Facial yoga is the series desire to tone muscles, eyes, jaw lines forehead etc. There are few reasons to try facial yoga.
A. Facial yoga as natural.
B. Its release tension and feel relax any time.
C. It’s also help to reduce wrinkles.
D. Its keeping the skin younger looking and glowing.

  Facial yoga helps in yoga for fair complexion makes you look younger and beautiful, smooth-ens, wrinkles, relaxes your eyes, helps with headaches, lifts your mood and most importantly, boosts your overall confidence. Facial yoga takes very few time of our busy schedule. It’s so easy to do. For doing it need only maximum 10 minutes in 24 hours. Usually do it when you wake up in the morning after brush your teeth. You can also do it during regular work at home, office, driving whatever. It very simple and effective exercise. Facial yoga encourages for skin tightening and gives it a plump, youthful feel. Imagine how amazing it could have all benefits in just 3 to 4 minutes. Let’s start little facial glowing yoga.

  1. Move round or roll your neck up and down

Firstly keep your head straight. Look down at the floor while moving your neck in the downward direction and then look up the ceiling. Repeat this motion face exercises for wrinkles around mouth.

  2. Puff up your cheeks

Fill your mouth with air and shift the air from the left cheek to the right cheek and then vice verse. Do this 30 seconds and then slowly release the air. This facial yoga exercise will help in strengthening your cheeks and making them look firm.

  3. Tap your fingers

Tap your fingers softly under your eye area and keep tapping while moving towards your forehead and then do the same in reverse direction. Facial exercises to reduce puffy eyes. Exercise to reduce dark eye circles while this move works under your eyes.

  4. Forehead exercise

Put your right hand fingers on your mid forehead and look up while keeping your face straight. Round and round your eyebrows in the upward and downward direction. Repeat this few times and release stress and tension in the forehead muscles.

  5. Pout

Pout is very interesting facial exercise. All you have to do facial yoga pout a few times as if you are kissing and you can have those amazing younger looking cheeks.

  6. Chin lift

Tilt your head upwards looking at the ceiling. Tighten your lips and look beautiful soft lips. Stay in this position for a few seconds and then release slowly.

  7. Stick your lips together

Stick your lips together and press together like you do after you apply lipstick on your lips and smile. By this get pink and softy shiny lips and firmer cheeks with this magic move.

  8. Neck exercise

Start exercise with keeping your head straight. Firstly move towards your right and then move your head in front to look straight. Repeat the same yoga exercise left direction.

For all yoga facial exercise you need spend only 5 minutes daily in this beauty regimen and you will see beautiful results.

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