Expert tips for beginners to make your own Make-up

December 12, 2012

It is true that the beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. But why not make you look more attractive and gorgeous with help of a little touch up? Makeup is a pretty tricky thing. In one hand the right amount and penetration can give you a look of Cleopatra but similarly on the other hand it can ruin your natural beauty also. So as a beginner in the field of makeup you need to know some basic items and their applications. You need to know what are the right kind of makeup is and when to wear it. Once learnt you are certainly ready to rock the world.

Make Your own Make Up

The basic things

Before you learn to do how to create that perfectly drawn eye or how to get that pout it is necessary for you to know some basics. You need to identify those basic things which are needed to reach the perfection. The most basic things to begin a makeup are:

1. Foundation

It is the most fundamental form of makeup. This cosmetic act as a base for any other kind of makeup. When applied it moisturizes your creams and helps the other cosmetics to blend in a better way. You should choose the perfect one for you in accordance with your skin color and type. Also keeping in mind the climate i.e. is it summer or winter.

2. Eye shadow

The eye shadow highlights and gives a stunning look to your eyes if choose and applied wisely. There are wide types of eye shadows to choose from depending on the nature of makeup you are about to give yourself. They act as a complimentary to your eye color and bring out your true beauty.

3. Lip color

Next in the line is the lip color or lip moisturizer or lip stick as you call it. The right color enhances the structure of your lips and gives it a prominent look. You can choose a color in darker hue or lighter hue according to your skin color.

4. Blush

Blush is a sort of pride for a woman. As a woman it is sure you will want to flaunt your natural blush but if it is not coming naturally then it is better to do it with makeup. The properly textured blush powders are available in the cosmetic range which blends with your skin perfectly and gives you that natural hue on cheek which you have always wanted.

These are the basic things which are needed for a proper make up along with it you will also need a set of accompanying brushes to apply them.

The steps in a makeup

There are various steps which are to be followed to get that flawless look. The steps are:

1. The first step towards a flawless makeup is by cleaning your skin properly.

2. The next is to apply a proper moisturizer which suits your skin tone and your skin type

3. Going for your favorite foundation is the next step. Blend it properly and if required also use an under eye concealer

4. Then it is time for your eye makeup

5. After finishing the eye makeup go for the blush

6. Next is to color your lips

Have a good look at yourself and lastly wear your confidence and girl you are ready to rock the world.

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