Everyday fashion mistakes to Avoid

February 2, 2013

Women and fashion are like Hansel & Gretel, both are inseparable. In the last five decades, the fashion sense of Indian women has changed drastically. While the 1960s were of ‘sarees’ and suits, the millennium is about trendy wear, casuals, western attires and seasonal fashion wardrobe updates. While dressing up for different events is good, we women also tend to make fashion blunders unwittingly. Here is a lowdown on everyday fashion mistakes to avoid –

Everyday fashion mistakes to Avoid

Using Heavy Accessories

  • Using Heavy Accessories:
    Leave the heavy accessories for marriage ceremonies! You don’t need to get all decked up in fashionable bling to look attractive. Go for a minimal look. For instance, a pair of studs with t-shirts is fine or a simply studded designer jewelry for ethnic wear is enough.
  • Dress according to Body Type
    Indian women have pear-shaped or apple-shaped physical structures mostly. These structures are different from the physical structure of western women. They are mostly lithe and tall. While trying to emulate the western dress code, we forget to acknowledge our own body type. Wearing jeans and t-shirt on a bloated apple-shaped structure looks horrendous. Or, wearing ‘anarkali-style’ kurta on a heavily pear-shaped body is a complete no-no.
  • Don’t show Panty Lines
    For heaven’s sake, what are you thinking? If you want to fit into those slim-fit jeans, drop your weight but don’t give people heart attack when bending and showing all those panty lines! Even if you don’t have any weight issues, it is no reason to display the color of your innerwear. Its fine to appear trendy and hip-hop but you need to draw the line somewhere.
  • Wearing Wrinkled Clothes
    Wearing wrinkled clothes to office or any formal outing is a fashion death-knell. If you think no one will bother to notice, think again, because these kinds of things are more visible. Working women need to understand that presentation matters. No one is asking you to cake yourself with makeup; at least, the clothes you wear to office should be clean, professional, and appropriate.
  • Showing off Straps
    Are you a teenager? Till you were 16-17, it was still acceptable to show the colorful B straps with noodle strap top but not anymore. Again, 97 out of 100 Indian women do not have the physical structure to carry off this look. So why embarrass yourself?
  • Dressing to look Old or Young
    You should dress according to your age. There is no point in wearing gurney-type clothes at 25 or trying to fit into size 0 jeans when you are 60 years old. Age gracefully and dress according to your professional requirements and personal choices.
  • Changing Wardrobe Every Season
    Fashion changes every season. Unless you are super wealthy to spend thousands on clothes every season, why take the stress! Moreover, wearing fashion trends will not make you fashionable. Use your common sense in selecting apparels. Wear what suits you and not emulate what others are wearing. One size or type doesn’t fit all.
  • Looking like a Rainbow
    Avoid becoming a fashion victim by not wearing too many colors at once. Match and contrast colors. You need not appear as a rainbow and again, not everyone can carry off multi hued clothing. Try and experiment, and pick up the most suitable of all.

It’s good to embrace fashion trends but be fashionable with your eyes wide open. Before wearing anything, ask yourself whether the garment will really suit and complement you. Be truthful and honest. You will get the answer and stop yourself from everyday fashion mistakes.

Priyanka Arora is a guest blogger and an author. She loves to write and research on various fashion trends that Women are following.  Currently working with sitagita –  which discuss topics on women health, relationships, parenting, shopping ,lifestyle and many others.

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