Enhance Your Skin Tone with Mineral Makeup

September 12, 2012

Cosmetics are the items that are used to embellish your appearance. The word cosmetic is taken from the Greek Word meaning “technique of dress and ornament”. Although beauty products are now dedicated to internet online retailers who have now created online market through internet marketing. However, in modern scenario beauty products are mostly used by women and will not be evolving beauty makeup advice since they are already conscious of their looks. Men use only few products like concealer to hide their scars etc.

During 20th century, beauty products became one of the popular products in the life of women. These were mostly used by young girls and due to this generation many high status companies made money by launching flavoured lipsticks and glosses and cosmetics packaged in glittery packages.  Although many religious groups, feminists, animal right activists, authors and public interest groups criticised cosmetics as well.

Enhance Your Skin Tone with Mineral Makeup, Girl Images, Pictures, Photos

Enhance Your Skin Tone with Mineral Makeup

Like many industries, make up organizations abide rules and regulation by government agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and have altered against cosmetics. The FDA does not have to examine the makeup products, or what are they made of before they are sold to the end customers. The FDA only administers against the colours which are used in the makeup products and hair colours or hair dyes. Such makeup organizations don’t address any harm from the products.

There is also a term called mineral makeup. The main product used in mineral makeup is zinc oxide and titanium dioxide both of which are sunscreens. Mineral makeup usually does not consist of synthetic fragrances, preservative or chemical dyes because of which mostly makeup artists and dermatologists suggest mineral make up and consider it more purer and kinder form of make up for usage. Also since titanium dioxide and zinc oxide have anti-inflammatory properties therefore, it leaves a calm and positive effect on sensitive skins. Therefore, mineral makeup is more beneficial for those who have acne.

Therefore following things will be evolving beauty make up advice:

  • Try to use mineral makeup as it is a purer form of make up and do not affect your skin.
  • Check that make up which you are putting in is FDA approved or not before applying.
  • See that your skin is not sensitive to that particular product and it suits you.
  • If you are suffering from acne apply makeup which has zinc oxide as it is anti-microbial in nature.
  • If you are going out and if your skin will face sun mostly in a day then do apply mineral make up as it offers mild amount of sun screen (as far as it doesn’t contain talc)

Hence, mostly the cosmetic industry is ruled by multinationals which originated in 20th century. However, the distribution and sale of makeup products are in hands of multiple companies.

So come on, let’s put in some best of the makeup products and kick the world of fashion. Let’s put up some of the mineral make up to enhance the skin tone and give own style to your look.

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