Elliptical Machines: Better than Running?

December 22, 2018

Why exercise is believed to offer many benefits? Exercising, walking, running, all allows engaging body’s muscle groups. More the muscle groups interact, more the calories will burn. But what if your goal is simply to improve your cardiovascular capacity, lose weight and want a bit of versatility? This is where elliptical machines come in.  These are everyone’s favorite fitness tool and mostly each home owns it. It’s one of the effective cardio workouts out there.

How Elliptical Machines Are Better Than Walking And Running?

When anyone buys elliptical machines for home workout, it doesn’t mean he is a lazy lad. Instead, elliptical is less likely to harm person’s joints. They are gentler and have lower impact. According to some studies, jogging and running put more strain on your joints than ellipticals. Compared to high-impact exercises, elliptical allows person to wield pain-free exercise for a longer time. This is why health trainers recommend ellipticals for people with arthritis, or joint issues over running.

Elliptical Machines makes sure you know how much calories being burned. You can also use your heart rate to monitor your speed and progress, since machines have wireless heart rate control equipment. Some of the best machines adjust intensity of exercise automatically as per your heart rate. This workout allows working whole body including upper and lower part. 

Seeing the many benefits, you must introduce elliptical machines for home use. By doing so, you don’t need to leave your home for a brisk walk or intense running.

Before You Buy Elliptical Machines for Home

Before you make a purchase of elliptical machines, you must follow these key considerations in your mind:

  • Find a good spot, which makes sure you get proper airflow and lighting while doing workouts.
  • Since each motor can vary from another, you must measure size and length of stride. By doing so, you will realize whether the machine will work with your body or not.
  • Feedback is important. Machine should enable you to setup speed, distance and determine how much calories are burned.

Best Elliptical Machines for Home Use

There are two different forms of elliptical machines. One with no arm movement and one that allows arms movement with legs. Elliptical machines also offer two types of resistance, first is pedaling and second you get incline.

Here are some best elliptical machines for home use:

  • Precor EFX 222, which is a well-designed, intuitive machine and known for its quiet motor. Although, all of this comes at high price.
  • Horizon EX-59, which is deemed to be budget-friendly and super convenient to use.
  • NordicTrack FreeStride Trainer FS9i, which is lauded as the best ride. It comes with a heavier flywheel and sturdy base. One of the best features is its fully adjustable stride. It offers better muscle engagement and greater calorie loss.


Elliptical is popular fitness equipment. Not only it’s joint friendly but also super versatile. With elliptical machines, you can bring change in your routine. You can mimic many different types of exercises like climbing a staircase, walking, running and jogging. Invest on elliptical machines for home, improve your fitness level and reduce your injuries.

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