Effective tips to become a successful fashion model

March 7, 2013

Becoming a successful fashion model is a dream for many young ladies. However, it is not very easy as the career of a fashion model demands some strict eligibility criteria to be met. Unless you’re tall (at least 5’9”) with long sleek and slim legs, flawless skin, gleaming white teeth and flexibility to face the camera, it would be difficult for you to succeed as a fashion model. In fact, these are the basic industry requirements that most talent agencies look for in an aspiring fashion model.

Modeling industry is a very competitive one and to thrive in this industry, you must have the mental strength to accept rejection from fashion photographers, modeling agencies and modeling scouts. But before you approach to any of them, read reviews & testimonials written on them. You may find them both on the Internet and local fashion journals.

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Here are some tips which would help you turn out to be a successful fashion model over time.

1) Get your snaps – At the outset, you need to take some snaps of you. You may engage a professional photographer to take the snaps which may portray your look and personality perfectly. Remember, you should not put on any makeup as modeling agencies usually want aspiring models to see in a makeup-free look. Simply wear a pair of jeans with a tank top as it would help to show your body contour. Make copies of the snaps and send them to several modeling or talent agencies in your locality.

2) Make a list of talent agencies – Use Internet, local media directory or Yellow Pages to find reputed talent agencies. Shortlist them and send your pictures to your preferred ones. Apart from local agencies, you can also look for agencies in the major cities near your town. However, don’t choose any agency situated far from your station as it would be difficult for you to travel and reach there for open interview or call.

3) Prepare yourself and practice modeling movements – After you have sent your photographs to different modeling or talent agencies, you need to prepare yourself. You may take advantage of the Internet or buy fashion magazines to study the photos of famous models. Look at those photos minutely and see how they pose. Try to follow and imitate those poses; practice them standing in front of a mirror. It would help you feel comfortable working with fashion photographers and taking snaps by them. For runway modeling, you may watch TV channels showcasing fashion shows. You can find fashion videos on Internet too!

4) Apply for fashion modeling jobs – While you’re waiting to get reply from the talent agencies, you may look for free casting calls and modeling auditions for modeling jobs and apply for them. You must try and work on some fashion modeling assignments, if you get a chance.  It would be good for your modeling resume and portfolio as well.

Discussed above are some of the very basic steps towards starting a career of a fashion model. Look for a local but reputed talent agent who can help you further. Read reviews & testimonials on multiple local agents to find one who would work the best for you.

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